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Lawyers for Alleged Hollywood Con Queen Detail Plan to Block Extradition

Lawyers representing Hargobind Tahilramani, the alleged Con Queen of Hollywood, laid out the strategy they intend to pursue in order to block an extradition request by the United States’ Department of Justice. Hearings on the extradition are currently underway at the Western Magistrates Court in London. In the 42-page document, submitted to a London court […]

Hunting the Con Queen of Hollywood: Who’s the “Crazy Evil Genius” Behind a Global Racket?

For more than a year, some of the most powerful women in entertainment — including Amy Pascal, Kathleen Kennedy, Stacey Snider and a 'Homeland' director — have been impersonated by a con artist who targets insiders with promises of work, then bilks them out of thousands of dollars. The Hollywood Reporter has obtained exclusive audio recordings of the savvy imposter, described as a "crazy evil genius," as victims come forward and a global investigation heats up.