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Consumer Electronics Show

CES: What Mattered to Hollywood

CES: What Mattered to SAG, DGA and American Society of Cinematographers

Quibi Unveils Turnstyle Video Technology

Meg Whitman and Jeffrey Katzenberg have been talking about their plans for mobile video startup Quibi for the past year and a half. On Wednesday morning, they stood onstage at CES in Las Vegas and revealed the first public look at what they've been building.

Spotify Introduces Podcast Ad Targeting

Spotify is introducing new podcast advertising technology called Streaming Ad Insertion that the company touts as helping producers and brands better track the performance of the spots that air during audio shows on its platform.

James Cameron Collaborates With Mercedes-Benz for ‘Avatar’-Inspired Vehicle

Mercedes-Benz debuts a futuristic four-seat eco-friendly concept car at CES designed to promote sustainability as part of its "Ambition 2039" Initiative.

CES: Directors, Cinematographers Endorse “Filmmaker Mode” Setting on 2020 TVs

A rollout of a “Filmmaker Mode” setting on a range of 2020 television models from most major set makers is slated to begin this spring.

Inside Audi’s Marvel-Themed VR Experience ‘Avengers: Rocket’s Rescue Run’

This year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) featured plenty of self-driving vehicles like in previous years, but in 2019 another theme emerged among the cars on display: upgrades that are highway-ready, like luxury electric cars and changes to the in-seat entertainment experience.

CES: AT&T Communications CEO John Donovan Defends 5G Phone Update

AT&T Communications CEO John Donovan isn't sweating the criticism that his company has faced for updating some phones to display the 5G E label, a move that competitors are calling misleading for customers.

NBA, Turner Plan Single-Player Camera Stream on Twitter

The NBA and Turner are giving Twitter the right to stream a small part of their games this season. This basketball season, Twitter will offer a single-player feed showcasing isolated action during the second half of games.

CES: Verizon, Disney StudioLab Tout 5G Partnership

CES: Verizon, Disney StudioLab Tout 5G Partnership

CES: Samsung Unveils 8K QLED TVs, Offers Its Take on the Content Challenge

Samsung unveils 8K QLED TVs and 8K strategy at CES.

Jemele Hill to Launch ‘Unbothered’ Podcast on Spotify (Exclusive)

Jemele Hill is bringing her voice to Spotify. The journalist is launching a podcast called 'Unbothered' in March that will feature her signature honest analysis of American life.

CES: Sony Touts Creative Strategy With ‘Spider-Verse,’ ‘Avatar’ Sequels

CES: Sony touts "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,' 'Avatar' sequels while emphasizing that it's a "creative entertainment company."