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Who Is the Bad Copyright Friend? (Guest Column)

Are you #TeamDawn or #TeamSonya? The internet was divided into warring camps in light of the viral New York Times Magazine article “Who Is the Bad Art Friend?” by Robert Kolker. It’s a tale as old as time: two writers locked in a bitter legal dispute over a short story inspired by Facebook posts about […]

COVID-19 Knocks 30 Percent Off Europe’s Film, TV, Music Revenue

Europe's creative industries call for more government support to bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic, which hit their revenue hard.

Google to Pay French Publishers for Online Content

The internet giant Google has reached a deal to pay French publishers for use of their stories on online platforms.

European Union Member States Pass Controversial Copyright Law

The European Union's move to overhaul copyright law and update it for the online age got the final seal of approval from member states Monday as the European Commission, the EU's executive body, approved the new legislation.

Europe’s New Copyright Rules Would Force YouTube, Facebook to Block Protected Content

The European Union has published the final text for the overhaul of its controversial copyright directive, proposing a series of sweeping changes that would force online platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook, to block copyright-protected material uploaded to their sites.

France, Tech Giants Call for Online Fix to Hate Speech, Cyberattacks

French President Emmanuel Macron and technology companies, including Microsoft, unveiled a declaration aimed at regulating the Internet by fighting hate speech, election meddling and online censorship.

Supreme Court Rules on Copyright Fee Shifting

The decision is likely to be cited in most future copyright cases.

German Supreme Court Backs Sampling in Kraftwerk Case

A landmark ruling could allow the sampling of copyright-protected material without permission.

Spain’s Proposed Intellectual Property Law Finds Little Support

Despite desperate pleas from the content rights holders for a new legislative framework to fight Spain's unbridled piracy, no one from the sector is pleased with the proposed legislation.

Beijing Court Finds Search Engine Baidu Guilty of Copyright Infringement

The company was ordered to pay video streaming website Youku Tudou $78,560 in damages for illegally hosting 18 Chinese TV shows.

SiriusXM Sued Over Alleged Underpayment of Royalties

SoundExchange believes the satellite radio behemoth shouldn't have subtracted older tunes from gross revenues reported.

Lawrence Lessig Sues Over Takedown of YouTube Video Featuring Phoenix Song

The Harvard professor says that he was threatened by a music publisher over a "fair use" of "Lisztomania."