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Countdown With Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann Slams Current: ‘Those People Have No Idea What They’re Doing’

The ousted anchorman continues taking swipes at his former employer, saying: "Their executives can’t come off as if they failed. Their PR people are dumping on me."

Eliot Spitzer’s Current TV Debut Ignores Keith Olbermann (Video)

The former New York governor tackled U.S. foreign policy and Mitt Romney during "Viewpoint," while Olbermann took to Twitter to mock his former employer and its new hire.

TCA: Al Gore, Current TV Panel Trash MSNBC, CNN; Talk Olbermann Future

The network co-founder branded MSNBC "the prison channel on weekends," while "Young Turks" host Cenk Uygur said CNN is populated with “plastic, fake, robot anchors [who] do not deliver the news.”

Keith Olbermann Disputes Claims He Mistreated Former MSNBC Staffers

The Current TV host shoots down a report alleging he bullied employees while working at his previous cable news network gig.

Keith Olbermann Addresses His Absence From Iowa Caucus Coverage With THR

THE REPORT: In advance of the Iowa caucus, the Current host made headlines for his planned absence from the network's election coverage.

Keith Olbermann Not Covering Iowa Caucus Amid Reports of Tension With Current TV

Though he moved to the network from MSNBC in June, the anchor is not scheduled to handle any of the channel's upcoming election coverage.

Janeane Garofalo Believes Michele Bachmann’s Husband Is Battling His Own Gay Demons (Video)

On "Countdown with Keith Olbermann," the actress/comedian goes off on Marcus Bachmann.

Keith Olbermann Risks Being Corny In Defense of Gay Marriage (Video)

"It is about Love," "Countdown's" host says.

‘Countdown With Keith Olbermann’: Tim Goodman Live Blogs Premiere

The former MSNBC personality's new Current TV show is airing now.

Keith Olbermann’s January MSNBC Exit Results in Recent Ratings Drop

Figures for Lawrence O'Donnell's "The Last Word," which replaced "Countdown With Keith Olbermann," are down 10 percent from results for the same time a year ago.

Keith Olbermann Headed to Current TV (Report)

The former host of MSNBC's "Countdown" is planning to announce his next move at a press conference Tuesday.

VIDEO: MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Pays Tribute to Keith Olbermann

In his first show since taking over the "Countdown" time slot, the "Last Word" host said "no one in television history has ever done anything like" what Olbermann did at the network.