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‘Late Late Show’ Producer Ben Winston Isn’t Going Anywhere

Ben Winston never planned on entering an eighth year at his CBS Television City office, a bright room now stuffed with memorabilia from an ascendant Hollywood tenure that’s brought him 11 Emmys. The Brit, 40, arrived in 2015 with every intention of returning to London upon fulfilling his nine-month contract to help launch a late […]

Wanda Sykes Speaks Her Mind: “I’m Not Beholden to the Purse Strings”

Wanda Sykes has every right to feel conflicted. She’s frustrated about a lot of what she sees on the news and in her industry, but, at 58, one could argue she’s never been in higher demand. The veteran stand-up, who made her name writing on The Chris Rock Show during the late ’90s, recently returned […]

Why Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone Are Deadly Serious About Pushing the Comedy Industry Forward

Los Angeles is a car city, and nobody knows that better than Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone. Before they opened their offices in Valley Village, they did their best work on the road — literally. “We used to write in our car,” says Falcone. “If we could get someone to watch our kids for an […]

Charlamagne Tha God Will Never Pull Punches With Democrats: “They’re Gluttons for Punishment, Like I Am”

Lenard McKelvey, better known as Charlamagne tha God, is often referred to as a shock jock — a title well earned over his two-decade career of revelatory interviews with rappers, a few guest walkouts and audience response ranging from adulation to ire. But he’d rather be known as a media mogul — and not without […]

McG Filmed Another Ending to ‘Terminator Salvation’ That He Thinks Fans Might Like

Romantic comedies and young adult fare are bigger than they’ve been in years — at least on Netflix, where some of the most popular titles in the genres have come from Wonderland Sound and Vision, the production banner run by filmmaker McG. Née Joseph McGinty Nichol of Kalamazoo, Michigan, McG ascended from the 1990s music […]

Natasha Lyonne on Her Ride to ‘Russian Doll’ and Telling Her Own Stories

When Natasha Lyonne was a recovering child actor, making her way through late-’90s Manhattan, she didn’t just use Film Forum as her cinematic education. The landmark theater in Greenwich Village was how she got dates. “Back when I used to drink, I would go to bars with the calendar sheet, walk up to guys and […]

‘The Home Edit’ Duo Have a Long List of Dream Clients

Netflix has no shortage of big personalities, but none are quite as colorful as decluttering gurus Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin. Despite a shared affinity for ROYGBIV, the stars of Get Organized With The Home Edit are a bit of an odd couple. Before going into business together, entrepreneurial Teplin was a lone wolf — […]

Robin Thede Is More Than Just “The First Black Woman to…”

“Oh, this old thing?” Robin Thede rebuffs a compliment about her semi-sheer ball gown that’s fanned out to fill her office on the Warner Bros. lot, where she spends most days thinking about what makes her laugh. And the chosen formalwear on this March morning, like her HBO vehicle A Black Lady Sketch Show, is […]

Paul Feig Just Wants to Entertain You

With directorial efforts like Spy, The Heat and Ghostbusters earning north of $1.2 billion in the past decade and a reputation for donning three-piece suits, Paul Feig may be Hollywood’s highest-grossing dandy. A once-struggling actor who created the landmark NBC show Freaks and Geeks before going on to helm the 2011 smash hit Bridesmaids, he’s also […]

Producers Hiro Murai and Nate Matteson on ‘Station Eleven,’ ‘Atlanta’ and the Lingering Mystery of Teddy Perkins’ Emmy Appearance

Like many creatives, Emmy-winning director Hiro Murai discovered a business partner on his own payroll. Formally teaming up with his longtime manager, Nate Matteson, the two co-founded the production company Super Frog in 2019. Despite pandemic-stalled schedules, the duo and their three-person team working out of an office in Los Feliz quickly put two series […]

How Michael Showalter Became King of the Dramedy

Michael Showalter, ears cushioned by a pair of giant headphones, has no idea that his security system has chirped several dozen times during the course of a February evening Zoom from his Hollywood home. He is not being robbed, we discover. His wife and twin daughters just keep going outside, tending to the burger dinner […]

Quinta Brunson on ‘Abbott Elementary’ and Its Rare Trajectory as a Broadcast Breakout

With a rare (read: unheard of these days) breakout broadcast comedy in ABC’s Abbott Elementary, a false narrative has emerged that creator and star Quinta Brunson came out of nowhere. In reality, the 32-year-old actress, producer and scribe spent the past decade charting a less conventional path to success — translating a string of viral […]