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Dan Fellman

Christopher Nolan, Clint Eastwood Fete Warner Bros.’ Dan Fellman at Retirement Bash

The veteran distribution executive has spent nearly four decades delivering box-office results to Hollywood's biggest directors, stars and producers.

Summer Box Office: What’s Behind Warner Bros.’ Risky Move to Release Nine Movies

A glut of movies, no sure things and plenty of questions as the season's former champion hopes not to repeat the flops of 2014.

‘American Sniper’: The Strategy Behind Warner Bros.’ $107M Opening

Clint Eastwood's film scores big thanks to military outreach, Oscar pedigree and a big dose of carefully-managed controversy.

Box-Office Crash: What Caused Hollywood’s Miserable Summer?

It's official: North American summer revenue barely cracks $4 billion, an eight-year low and down 15 percent from 2013

Box Office: Why ‘Into the Storm’ Might Hit Hardest in Tornado Alley

The New Line and Warner Bros. disaster movie opens Friday.