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Dan Trachtenberg

How a Karate Tournament Carpool Inspired the New ‘Predator’ Movie, ‘Prey’

In 1987, Dan Trachtenberg was too young to see John McTiernan’s R-rated Predator, but the older kids in his karate tournament carpool insisted on telling him the whole movie anyway. And at the time, Trachtenberg distinctly remembers a story involving Sonny Landham’s half-Sioux tracker, Billy Sole, who died in a dramatic fight with the Predator. […]

‘Prey’ Review: ‘Predator’ Prequel Gives Old Franchise a Fresh Spin

The new installment in the long-running 'Predator' series takes place 300 years ago and centers on a young Comanche woman.

‘Waterworld’ Sequel TV Series in the Works

Proving that in the streaming era every well-known genre title has reboot potential, a TV series sequel to the 1995 film Waterworld is in the works. The original film’s producers, John Davis and John Fox, first revealed the news during an interview with Collider. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the project is in early development at Universal […]