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DC Comics

Heat Vision Download: What to Watch, Play and Read in June

Welcome to Heat Vision Download, a monthly column from The Hollywood Reporter looking at upcoming movies, TV shows, books and games in the genre space. June is picking up steam for the…

How ‘Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point’ Comic Writer and Artist Visualized the World’s Greatest Detective Losing His Memory

Industry veterans Christos Gage and Reilly Brown talk about the superhero and video game crossover on the day of its release, happening upon fan-made 'Fortnite' videos during character research, and…

‘DC Festival of Heroes’ Anthology to Debut New Asian Superhero

To celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, DC will debut an all-new hero within its commemarative anthology comic 'DC Festival of Heroes: The Asian Superhero Celebration. '

The CW Reveals Cast for New DC Comics Drama ‘Naomi’

Five actors are starring in the pilot, from Ava DuVernay and Jill Blankenship, based on the 2019 comic book series.

Warner Bros., Chernin Pact for DC Comics Hero ‘Hourman’ Movie

Gavin James and Neil Widener are penning the script for the film based on the character from the comic book giant.

DC to Celebrate Pride With Anthology Comic Featuring Batwoman, Harley Quinn and More

The book will release June 8, with a series of themed variant covers dropping in later weeks.

Welcome to the Multiverse: Studios Lean Into Fan Demand

To boost their streaming services, Hollywood giants are developing dozens of shows and spinoff features based on a few valuable franchises — does that risk overexposure?

Ava DuVernay Sets DC Comics Drama ‘Naomi’ at The CW

Ava DuVernay Sets DC Comics Drama 'Naomi' at The CW

How New ‘Batman’ Comic Changes the Dark Knight

Bruce Wayne's fortune is gone, and the Wayne Foundation can't bankroll him anymore in the new 'Batman' issue.

DC Universe Rebranding as Comics-Centric Platform

The streaming service will lean into its comic catalog ahead of a global expansion in mid-2021.

‘Rorschach’ Writer Pulls Back Curtain on “Very Angry” ‘Watchmen’ Followup

'Rorschach' writer Tom King talks about writing the upcoming not-exactly-sequel to 'Watchmen'.

DC’s Jim Lee on the Company’s Future: “We Are Still in the Business of Publishing Comics”

DC, the home of heroes such as Batman and Wonder Woman, saw the scythe cut 20 percent of its staff, with many senior editors let go and a reorganization implemented that sent shockwaves through not…