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Disney’s Profits From ‘Deadpool,’ ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ at Risk in Upcoming Trial

For allegedly using stolen technology to market realistic CG characters, Disney faces the prospect of losing a portion of its profits on three of its blockbuster movies — Deadpool, Guardians of the Ga…

Hugh Jackman Shares ‘Deadpool 3’ Advice to Ryan Reynolds

A fan of both the actors gave his suggestion when he bumped into the 'X-Men' star on the street.

Ryan Reynolds Celebrates 5th Anniversary of ‘Deadpool’ With “Lost” Fan Letter

Always the jokester, much like his character, the actor could not help marking the occasion with some wisecracks.

Rob Liefeld on ‘Snake Eyes’ and His ‘Deadpool 3’ Reaction

Rob Liefeld is out with the third issue of his 'G.I. Joe' spinoff.

Disney Earnings Disappoint Despite Hefty Studio Performance

Disney shares were falling more than 4 percent after the closing bell on Tuesday after the entertainment giant's quarterly earnings fell short of expectations.

‘Once Upon a Deadpool’ Features Touching Stan Lee Tribute

Stan Lee is in 'Once Upon a Deadpool' — featured in a touching tribute.

Ryan Reynolds Filmed New Scenes for PG-13 ‘Deadpool 2’

The PG-13 cut of 'Deadpool 2' opens Dec. 21.

Disney-Fox Merger: Combined Box Office Strategy Begins

In recent days, 20th Century Fox has been quietly rearranging its release calendar, no doubt in anticipation of the $70 billion-plus Disney-21st Century Fox marriage. Late last week, it pushed back…

‘Dark Phoenix’ Pushed Back to June 2019, Untitled ‘Deadpool’ Opening in December

20th Century Fox has shifted the opening of 'Dark Phoenix,' the next 'X-Men' installment, from Feb. 14, 2019, to June 7, 2019. The studio has also moved its long-in-development (and director-less)…

Utah Ordered to Pay Up After Losing Boozy ‘Deadpool’ Screening Case

A judge has ordered the state of Utah to pay more than $475,000 in legal fees after it lost a court fight over a law that banned serving alcohol during the racy, foul-mouthed superhero film…

Raunchy ‘Deadpool 2’ Children’s Book Coming With Blu-ray

The 'Deadpool 2' Blu-ray will feature 15 minutes of extra footage, plus a children's book for those who buy it at Target.

Ryan Reynolds Catches Up With His Savage “Twin Brother”

Ryan Reynolds meets up with his faux twin, who gives the 'Deadpool' star quite the hard time.