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Don’t Look Up

From Chandler’s Cadence to Addiction Woes: 8 Revelations From Matthew Perry’s Memoir

In Matthew Perry’s new memoir, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, the author and actor spends most of the 250 pages discussing the Big Terrible Thing. For the very first time, he chronicles his addiction in great detail; Perry’s struggles with alcohol and painkillers have been known to the public for decades, but the […]

Billie Eilish and Mom Maggie Baird Honored at EMA Awards, With ‘Don’t Look Up’ and ‘Abbott Elementary’ Among Winners

The Environmental Media Association held its annual awards gala Saturday night, recognizing the efforts of those working toward a healthier planet. Don’t Look Up, Abbott Elementary, Yellowstone and The Problem With Jon Stewart were among the productions feted for their work in following green practices and telling stories of environmental justice, climate action and sustainability. […]

Adam McKay Pledges $4M Donation to Climate Emergency Fund

Adam McKay is taking another public step in the fight against climate change. Following his climate disaster-inspired film Don’t Look Up, the director announced on Tuesday that he has pledged $4 million to the Climate Emergency Fund, which gives out grants to environmental activists. A longtime activist himself, this is McKay’s largest donation ever, on […]

Critics’ Conversation: ‘CODA’ Backlash, ‘Belfast’ Boredom and Other Oscar Frustrations and Fascinations

From loving 'Drive My Car' to hating 'Don't Look Up,' THR's chief film critic and arts & culture critic vent their hopes, fears and bafflement about this year's Academy Awards.

‘Don’t Look Up’ Producer Kevin Messick Says the Film’s Ending “Twists the Conventions of the Traditional Hollywood Disaster Movie”

Producer Kevin Messick’s Don’t Look Up journey was bookended by history-making events. On Jan. 6, 2021, as rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol, Messick was in Boston preparing to film a riot scene incited by Jennifer Lawrence’s disaffected graduate student, Kate Dibiaski. It was a high-tension moment, as cities around the nation were on alert for […]

Does the Academy Favor Male-Driven Stories for Its Top Prize?

The 2021 Oscar ceremony was an anomaly across the board, from the somber tone to the intimate setting to the detrimental choice of naming best actor as the final award of the evening. But the strangest sight of all was witnessing a spate of women gather on the dais to accept the best picture trophy. […]

Steven Spielberg on Producing: “The Smartest Thing I Do Is Hire Women”

West Side Story director and producer Steven Spielberg was the star of the Producers Guild of America awards nominee breakfast on Saturday morning, as one producer after another praised him, even though they were all competing for the same prize at Saturday night’s award show. Spielberg didn’t disappoint, and gave up several memorable tidbits, including […]

“It’s Not Just Three Characters in a Room”: ‘THR Presents’ Q&A With ‘Don’t Look Up’ Director Adam McKay and Editor Hank Corwin

Adam McKay’s latest feature film, Don’t Look Up, imagines how things might play out if scientists discovered a deadly asteroid hurtling toward Earth. For a THR Presents conversation powered by Vision Media, Scott Feinberg moderated a discussion between the Oscar-nominated director and his longtime editor Hank Corwin.  Corwin and McKay have collaborated together on several […]

Ryan Reynolds’ ‘The Adam Project’ Lands at No. 3 Among Top Netflix Movie Launches

Ryan Reynold’s original Netflix movie The Adam Project — about a time-traveling fighter pilot — flew to big viewership numbers in its debut on the streamer over the March 11-13 weekend. According to Netflix, the family-friendly film scored 92.4 million hours viewed, the third-biggest opening weekend since the streamer instituted new metrics and began reporting […]

‘Dune,’ ‘King Richard’ and More Oscar-Nominated Editors Break Down Their Films’ Endings

Tick, Tick … Boom! Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Netflix musical Tick, Tick … Boom!, about the life of Rent creator Jonathan Larson, was always going to conclude with his 30th birthday and the song “Louder Than Words,” which he performs onstage. But there were still aspects of the ending that needed to be unlocked — “a way […]

‘Don’t Look Up’ Writers Adam McKay, David Sirota on Breaking Genre With Comedy and Tragedy

It began almost as a joke. Journalist David Sirota floated the idea of his friend Adam McKay (an Oscar winner for The Big Short) directing a film about the climate crisis and made an offhanded comment about how the situation feels like an asteroid is headed toward Earth and nobody cares. It struck a chord […]

How Much Power Do Film Critics Really Have in the Awards Race?

Of this year’s 10 best picture nominees, Netflix’s Don’t Look Up is likely the most divisive. Adam McKay’s star-studded climate change satire — in which Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence play astronomers attempting to spread the news that a comet is hurtling toward Earth and will destroy all of human civilization — is the worst-reviewed […]