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Don’t Make Me Go

‘Don’t Make Me Go’ Stars and Director on the Film’s Big Twist and Getting John Cho to Sing Karaoke

[This story contains major spoilers from Don’t Make Me Go.] In Don’t Make Me Go, teen lead and young narrator Wally — played by burgeoning star Mia Isaac — is just beginning to grapple with the idea that her father might not be around forever when the unthinkable happens. The bittersweet road-trip film sees John […]

‘Don’t Make Me Go’ Director Hannah Marks on Challenges of Filming in New Zealand and Value of Personal Connections to Projects

Writer-director Hannah Marks, who got her start acting in projects like Accepted, Weeds, Necessary Roughness and Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, made her feature directorial debut with After Everything, which she also wrote. And she directed another film that she wrote, Mark, Mary & Some Other People, before she directed Don’t Make Me Go, which […]

Next Big Thing: Mia Isaac on the Advice John Cho Gave Her While Filming Debut ‘Don’t Make Me Go’

In a Hollywood where the average onscreen high schooler is played by an actor a decade removed from homeroom, Mia Isaac and her lively performance in Don’t Make Me Go stand out. Isaac turned 17 on the first day of filming for the Hannah Marks-directed coming-of-age movie. She plays Wally, the teenage daughter who begrudgingly […]

John Cho, Mia Isaac and ‘Don’t Make Me Go’ Director Hannah Marks on the Film’s Exploration of Single Parenthood

[This story contains spoilers for Don’t Make Me Go.] In Don’t Make Me Go, a father, Max (John Cho), and his daughter Wally (Mia Isaac) take a cross-country road trip to attend his 20-year college reunion. At least that’s what Max tells his teen daughter. In reality, he has a terminal condition that gives him […]