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East Coast Earthquake

Hurricane Irene: FEMA Urges People to Tweet, Facebook

Cell phone networks can crash during an emergency, while social media is considered a more reliable form of communication.

East Coast Earthquake: Best Hollywood Quotes

"Is the Earthquake in Mineral Virginia, an alleged 'gold-mining town' related to the island? Hmmm," wrote Damon Lindelof.

Earthquake Videos Hit the Web; DSK Press Conference Interrupted

Footage of Northern Virginia's 5.9 quake, which was felt in Washington D.C., Philadelphia and New York City, show reactions as the tremors occur.

Earthquake: Twitter Users Learned of Tremors Seconds Before Feeling Them

East Coast residents read about the D.C. earthquake before feeling it themselves.

Earthquake on East Coast: 5 Over-The-Top Hollywood Portrayals (Video)

Fortunately, Tuesday's tremors were decidedly less disastrous than Tinsel Town would have made them out to be.

East Coast Earthquake News Coverage Interrupts Programming

NBC, ABC and CBS broke in with coverage of the 5.9 magnitude quake that hit Virginia, while cable news networks dispatched reports from locations that have been affected.

Earthquake Sends Shocks From Washington DC to New York City; Industry Reacts

Stars respond to the 5.9 quake that hit the capitol on Tuesday.

Discovery Headquarters Evacuated After Earthquake

Aftershocks of the Tuesday quake could be felt all the way to New York City.