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Etan Cohen

Universal Pictures Sets Release Dates for ‘The Bad Guys,’ ‘Puss In Boots’ Sequel

And DreamWorks Animation’s 'Puss In Boots: The Last Wish,' voiced in part by Antonio Banderas, will get a wide release on Sept. 23, 2022.

Etan Cohen Adapting ‘The Bad Guys’ Books for DreamWorks Animation

The comedy scribe is set to turn Aaron Blabey's best-selling cartoon series about four reformed villains into an animated feature film.

‘Get Hard’: What the Critics Are Saying

Will Ferrell enlists the help of Kevin Hart to toughen up before a stint in federal prison.

Kevin Hart on ‘Get Hard’ Stereotypes: “It’s About Making Fun of Ourselves”

“Ultimately it’s about making fun of ourselves and making people acknowledge that the stereotypes we set for one another and that we judge people on aren’t really necessary,” said Hart about his film.

SXSW: If ‘Get Hard’ Offends, It’s Doing It Right, Says Writer-Director

Racial stereotypes, prison rape and gay sex: It's all fodder for humor when there's an underlying message, according to Etan Cohen.

SXSW: Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart Unveil Racial Comedy ‘Get Hard’

Director Etan Cohen defended the un-P.C. comedy to an audience member who called it "racist as f—."

SXSW: 8 Reasons Why It’s Worth the Trip

The Austin film festival is an ever-bigger platform for Hollywood dealmakers in search of hot properties and talent.

Kevin Hart on Bill Cosby, Avoiding Controversy and How Sony Apologized for “Whore” Comment

The 'Wedding Ringer' star (and most successful comic in the world) is too busy building an empire to care what anyone thinks — not people who dismiss his material, not a pissed-off ex-wife and certainly not Clint Culpepper's hacked email insult: "It's very hard to put me in a negative position."

Kevin Hart Schools a Racist, Convicted Will Ferrell in the ‘Get Hard’ Trailer

Hart's "prison readiness program" includes lessons on "mad dog" faces, courtyard protocol, riot survival strategies and gang names

Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg Reteam for ‘Daddy’s Home’

'The Other Guys' stars will topline the Paramount comedy

Vince Vaughn Joins Will Ferrell in ‘Daddy’s Home’

The actor will play the freeloading father of Ferrell’s stepchildren.