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Ethan Suplee

Stylist Ilaria Urbinati Launches Men’s Lifestyle Website Leo

Contributors to the new men's lifestyle website Leo, which covers everything from fashion to cooking, include Dwayne Johnson, Lady A, Ethan Suplee, Tom Brady, chef Curtis Stone and Charlie Puth.

Edward Norton Debuts ‘Motherless Brooklyn’ in L.A., Asks Audience to “Suspend Disbelief”

Norton directs for the first time since 2000 and makes his screenwriting debut with 'Motherless Brooklyn,' a project he has worked on for nearly two decades. His words onstage were filled with gratitude, as well as a few jokes.

‘The Wolf of Wall Street’: Film Review

At nearly three hours of pushing the R rating, Martin Scorsese's film leaves no storytelling trick unused while watching Jordan Belfort embrace Wall Street's cutthroat ethos.