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Evi Quaid

Randy Quaid Granted Release From Canadian Immigration Jail

The Hollywood actor is getting out on a $10,000 bond after spending five days in a Montreal detention center.

Randy Quaid Rants Against Rupert Murdoch in Bizarre Video

Quaid said he and his wife have been put through a "living hell of biblical proportions."

Randy Quaid Renews Fight to Stay in Canada

The actor has turned to the Federal Court after being denied permanent residency status two years after he and his wife, Evi Quaid, fled to Vancouver to escape "Hollywood star whackers."

Quaids Escape Extradition From Canada

American justice will elude Randy and Evi Quaid after the U.S. Department of Justice decided against seeking their extradition back to Santa Barbara, California.

Critic Calls Randy Quaid’s Star Whackers Film ‘Drugged-Out Dreck’

Evi Quaid says indie film about Randy Quaid being pursued by Hollywood star assassins is a "work in progress."