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Fall TV 2015

Fall TV’s Slow Death March: How “Trimmed” Became the New “Canceled”

Scaling back instead of cutting bait, broadcast networks are letting DOA shows continue thanks to studio synergy and a lack of viable replacements.

CBS’ ‘Supergirl’ Soars With Strong Primetime Debut in Canada

Monday's opening on Global Television averaged 1.7 million total viewers, just behind ABC's 'Quantico' with its earlier overnight premiere audience of 1.8 million viewers on CTV.

‘Wicked City’: TV Review

Offensive, predictable and awful, 'Wicked City' hits the trifecta of bad pilot issues. ABC, which programs to women, should be embarrassed at how much this degrades its target audience — and the network.

THR TV Critics Square Off Over Fall’s “Terrible Season for Broadcast”

Tim Goodman and Daniel J. Fienberg tackle the past several weeks of new and returning series, clashing (Team Stamos vs. Team Lowe), bashing (sorry, 'Minority Report') and hugging it out (thanks, 'Jane the Virgin').

‘Master of None’: TV Review

A surprisingly creative, funny and sweet breakout for Aziz Ansari as he creates his own series for Netflix and busts out of the character actor limitations of the past, delivering a real gem.

‘Law & Order: SVU’: Rollins’ Mom Throws Her a Jaw-Dropping Baby Shower (Exclusive Photo)

Amanda's fugitive sister also resurfaces in THR's exclusive first look at Wednesday's new episode.

‘Chicago Med’ Co-Creator Addresses “Unfortunate” Creative Changes

"Having seen the first cut, I'm very encouraged," the 'Chicago Fire' and 'Chicago P.D.' showrunner tells THR about the upcoming hospital-set spinoff.

‘The Knick’: Thackery Looks to Reclaim His Glory in Season 2

“Cocaine was a suit of armor and it’s hard to go into battle without your suit of armor,” co-showrunner Jack Amiel tells THR.

Charles Michael Davis Shares Tips on Surviving the ‘Originals’ Family

As the portrayer of one of the only beings to have survived an extended period of time with the Mikaelsons, Davis offers some advice for the new vamps in town.

‘Kingdom’ Creator Previews Nate’s Sexuality Struggles, Navy Street’s First Female Fighter

"This next batch of episodes is really about the painful ascent of success," executive producer Byron Balasco tells THR. "It doesn't always drag everyone at the same pace."

‘Chicago Fire’ Boss Teases “Huge Betrayal” Ahead, Voight-Centered Three-Show Crossover

"It's a nice window into Voight's relationship with his late wife ," 'Chicago Fire' and 'Chicago P.D.' showrunner Matt Olmstead tells THR about January's crossover with rookie drama 'Chicago Med.'