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Daniel Fienberg: The 10 Best TV Shows of 2017

A late-night delight, a Netflix comedy about mental illness, two masterfully concluded dramas and an FX gem about strong women making their way without weak men are among the Hollywood Reporter TV…

Emmy Snubs: ‘Westworld,’ ‘Feud’ Shut Out in Major Categories

Other series that failed to receive any awards on Sunday's televised show included 'Stranger Things' and 'Fargo.'

Emmy Voter Reveals Brutally Honest Ballot: ‘Westworld’ Is “Pretentious Bullshit,” ‘This Is Us’ Had Me “in Tears”

An anonymous member of the TV Academy makes his case for 'Fargo' and 'Silicon Valley,' and explains why 'Atlanta' just "isn't funny, at least to an old white guy like me."

‘Fargo’ Star Ewan McGregor on Playing Two Brothers: “People Were Friendlier When I Was Ray”

The Emmy nominee says people on set were "slightly intimidated" when he was in character as the tougher sibling, Emmit, as he discusses the acclaimed series' challenges.

‘Fargo’ Star Carrie Coon on Fighting for Truth in the Face of Alternative Facts

"We are in a very dangerous time regarding the end of the truth," the Emmy-nominated actress tells THR about what her role on 'Fargo' represents.

‘Feud’ EP on the “Intimate Moment” Jessica Lange, Susan Sarandon Became Bette and Joan

"There were never any other names we considered," says Tim Minear as he and producers behind four other Emmy-nominated limited series reveal how they landed the right stars for the story.

‘Walking Dead,’ ‘Fargo’ Creators Team for FX Crime Drama

Joe and Anthony Russo will adapt 'The Mastermind,' based on the Atavist Magazine series of investigative articles.

‘Fargo’ Creator Noah Hawley on a Freelance Career: “It’s Feast or Famine” | Drama Showrunner Roundtable

"I moved too fast for people to pigeonhole me on my way into the business," 'Fargo' and 'Legion' Hawley told THR.

‘Fargo’ Creator Goes Inside Season 3 Finale and Offers Hope for Franchise’s Future

Noah Hawley weighs in on the justice at the end of the season, Gloria Burgle's emotional moment, Varga's "elemental" evil and a few details viewers probably didn't notice this season.

‘Fargo’ Star Carrie Coon on ‘Leftovers’ Overlaps, Crying and Her Special TV Spring

Carrie Coon discusses Gloria Burgle's epiphany, her own struggles with technology and the advantages of working with Damon Lindelof and Noah Hawley.

‘Fargo’ Director Breaks Down Penultimate Episode’s Big Emotional Moment

On 'Fargo,' 'The Leftovers' and 'Better Call Saul,' Keith Gordon has directed three of the spring's best TV episodes. He breaks down the opportunities he's had.

‘Fargo’ Showrunner on Keeping a Strong Female Identity Throughout Three Seasons

Noah Hawley reveals how he stays in tune with the original Coen brothers film by sticking to certain types of characters.