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‘Fargo’ Star Mary Elizabeth Winstead on Mr. Wrench and Wednesday’s Surreal Moment

The actress, whose character Nikki Swango has taken a beating in recent weeks, discusses Nikki's ice bath and why she's sure Nikki truly loved Ray.

Ewan McGregor: “It’s Much More Fun to Be in Love Than to Be Someone Like Trump” | ‘Fargo’ | Drama Actor Roundtable

McGregor plays two brothers on 'Fargo,' telling THR, "because they're both very different, they're satisfying in different ways."

Banff Names ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Program of the Year

The tribute for the MGM TV drama will include a master class by exec producer Warren Littlefield and series star Yvonne Strahovski.

Drama Actor Roundtable: Riz Ahmed, Ewan McGregor on Why Loser Roles Are “More Fun Than Someone Like Trump”

Six stars at the top of their game — including Billy Bob Thornton, Sterling K. Brown, John Lithgow and Jeffrey Wright — open up about appreciating early struggles ("You forget what it feels like to…

Meet ‘Fargo’ Season 3 Breakout Olivia Sandoval

Her character Winnie Lopez has quickly become a 'Fargo' favorite, and Sandoval has held her own with fellow co-star Carrie Coon as an intrepid traffic cop.

‘Fargo’ Director Discusses “Emotional Horror” of That Shocking Twist

The Emmy-winning director also talks to THR about putting actors in ice baths, staging the moon landing and making David Thewlis grotesque.

‘Fargo’ Star Michael Stuhlbarg on Sy’s Precarious Position, Mustache and Jewishness

Sy Feltz is in over his head, and the 'Serious Man' Coen Brothers veteran discusses what's gone wrong for this fixer.

Showrunners Sound Off: Judd Apatow, Ryan Murphy and Ava DuVernay on Empire-Building, Pigeonholing and Saying No

Twelve star producers — also including Kenya Barris, Noah Hawley, Jenji Kohan, David E. Kelley and David Mandel — open up about writing scripts based on their own lives, how Trump is affecting their…

‘Fargo’ Stars Talk “Alternative Facts” and More Political Season 3

"I do think this season is more political than the last two seasons have been, particularly dealing with the concept of truth," said star Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

‘Fargo’ Star David Thewlis on V.M. Varga’s Wolfish, Untrustworthy Menace

The 'Naked' star spills on his character's eating disorder and why it's a bad idea to trust anybody in 'Fargo,' especially V.M. Varga.

‘Fargo’ Director Talks Bringing Minnesota Nice to Los Angeles

Gloria goes to Los Angeles in an innovative and time-bending new 'Fargo.' Director John Cameron talks about the episode's themes and its cameos.

‘Fargo’: Noah Hawley Breaks Down Season 3 Violence and the Coen Brothers’ Influences

The showrunner talks with THR about his first season without a Solverson, the evolution of Minnesota Nice and bringing the show closer to the present day.