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Charter CEO Expects Time Warner Cable Deal to Close After California Decision in May

Tom Rutledge also tells a Morgan Stanley investor conference in San Francisco that there is opportunity for continued pay TV subscriber growth.

Charter-Time Warner Cable Deal Approval Odds Rise to 90 Percent, Analyst Says

TWC CEO Rob Marcus says there is no "specific timetable" as regulators continue their review and adds he is "highly skeptical" about FCC proposals to regulate the pay TV set-top box market.

FCC, Wall Street Weigh In on Regulatory Review of Charter-Time Warner Cable Deal

Chairman Tom Wheeler says "an absence of harm is not sufficient" as analysts discuss the Washington outlook for the latest cable deal.

FCC Chairman Lectures ISP Execs on Merits of Competition

"A fully competitive marketplace would bring with it intense and constant pressure to continue to improve," Tom Wheeler said at the Internet and Television Expo.

FCC Chair: End of Comcast-Time Warner Cable Deal “Is in the Best Interests of Consumers”

The deal would have "posed an unacceptable risk to competition and innovation," he says.

‘Family Guy’ Rape Episode: Parents Television Council Calls for FCC Complaints (Exclusive)

"Joking about child rape on TV shows and using such patently offensive sexual dialogue is a gross violation of a broadcast licensee's public-interest obligation," said PTC president Tim Winter.

Hollywood’s Top 10 Legal Disputes of 2014

The Sony hack and the Supreme Court's Aereo decision were important stories. But what was the biggest, most consequential legal dispute from the past year?

Canadian TV Regulator Wins New Power to Fine Rogue Companies

The CRTC takes first-time aim with monetary penalties, something the FCC does regularly stateside

FCC Looking Into Complaints About Miley Cyrus Fourth of July Weekend Special

Although there were only three complaints from the more than two million viewers, the agency is determining if the show violated rules against indecency or profanity.

FCC Will Vote on Net Neutrality Thursday Despite Protests (Analysis)

The passage will begin a long process of comments and rewrites before there is a final vote, followed by the inevitable court challenges.

NCTA CEO Michael Powell on High Sports Fees, Aereo and Why Cable Is in a ‘Transformative’ Period (Q&A)

In the second of a two-part interview, Powell warns that consumers may not be able to absorb rising sports costs and says over-the-top video is a threat to cable.

NCTA CEO Michael Powell Defends Rising Cable Costs, Talks Mergers and Net Neutrality (Q&A)

The former FCC chairman also explains how the Internet has changed content distribution in the first of a two-part interview with The Hollywood Reporter.