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Exercising While Stoned: I Tried a Cannabis Workout Class

Being stoned can improve certain activities, such as auditioning for a Takis commercial. Other situations are best avoided, such as legal depositions or, one would think, working out. So I was suspicious when a friend told me that he prefers lifting weights when high. As does Joe Rogan. They claim that being baked helps improve […]

Mental Health Visibility Only Goes So Far at the Oscars

Disability is usually the last identity category most people think of when we talk collectively about bolstering diversity, equity and inclusion across institutions — yet disabled people comprise the most diverse minoritized population in the world. After all, anyone can become disabled at any time. Disability is also often invisible: Think of how many people […]

Critics Choice Awards Analysis: Five Key Takeaways

How much should Oscar-watchers read into the results of Sunday night’s 28th Critics Choice Awards? One school of thought says “not much.” After all, the Critics Choice Awards are determined by the Critics Choice Association, an organization comprising some 500 broadcast, radio and online critics and entertainment journalists based primarily in the United States — including, full […]

Guest Essay: Screenwriting, Like Any Sport, Is All About the Long Game

In 2016, I stood on the start line of my 263rd race as a professional triathlete waiting to dive into the Costa Rica surf and swim the fastest 1 mile of my life, mountain-bike 40 kilometers through grueling jungle trails and run 10 kilometers of hills, all in 105-degree heat. I was a five-time world […]

Guest Column: ‘Till’ Is Not Just a Movie, It’s a Movement

My mission to get Till made is a 29-year promise fulfilled. The reality of seeing something that I’ve wanted for my entire adulthood come to life has been both overwhelming and frightening. I realize the subject matter is not an easy one, and I was afraid that bringing this story out at this time of […]

Critic’s Notebook: Highlights and Lowlights of the 80th Golden Globe Awards

Jerrod Carmichael hosted an evasive, rambling telecast featuring some passionate speeches, some awkward moments and tentative acknowledgment of recent controversies.

Golden Globes: True Diversity Is About More Than a Winners List

Any diversity analysis of the Golden Globes should note that the “diversity controversy” it was embroiled in over the past two years was less about the results (#GlobesSoWhite was never a trending hashtag) and more about the composition of its presenting organization, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The big takeaway from the February 2021 Los […]

What’s Driving TV’s Un-Renewal Wave

Warner Bros. Discovery took a lot of flak in 2022 for axing finished movies and series — most infamously, the Batgirl movie — and removing some legacy titles from its HBO Max streaming platform. As it turns out, the company may have been ahead of the curve. A fresh wave of cost-cutting moves at other companies, […]

Does New Year’s Silence Signal the End of Peak TV?

We’ve all seen the memes: January is the time when our out-of-office messages give way to “circling back” emails about unfinished business left over from the pre-holiday frenzy. And while everyone is sending and receiving a fair amount of those, the start of 2023 on the TV beat has been near total radio silence. Outside […]

Barbara Walters Changed TV Interviews in a Way That May Never Return

When Barbara Walters interviewed Monica Lewinsky for that special episode of 20/20 back in 1999, a total of 74 million Americans tuned in to ABC to watch. Seventy four million. That was one quarter of the entire U.S. population at the time. The interview averaged a 48 share, meaning that nearly half of all TV […]

Kim Masters on Hollywood’s Year of Wishful Thinking

Imagine any top film studio exec or producer reading Jason Kilar’s recent Wall Street Journal opinion piece, in which he called 2022 “one of the most consequential and anxiety-ridden years in Hollywood history.” “No shit, Jason,” most of them undoubtedly thought. “Thank you, arsonist, for sharing your wisdom about the fire.” Or something like that. […]

Playing Sexy on TV Is No Small Feat

One of the year’s most stomach-clenching TV moments was a scene in a hotel bathroom in which a woman is searching for sunscreen. In the season two opener of HBO’s The White Lotus, Aubrey Plaza’s clamped-shut lawyer Harper decidedly does not want to be on a couple’s trip in Sicily with her husband’s finance-bro college […]