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Guest Column: Rebecca Jarvis on Why ‘The Dropout’ Is “Not Just a Story About a Fascinating Person”

It all started with a pitch I received about Theranos in late 2013. As a correspondent at ABC News, I was working on a series with Diane Sawyer about exploding medical costs, and we were looking for solutions for our viewers. Theranos was pitched to me as a company that was creating something that could […]

Nichelle Nichols Remembered by Friend and ‘Star Trek’ Star Dawnn Lewis

On July 23 at San Diego Comic-Con, Dawnn Lewis shared an impromptu tribute to Nichelle Nichols, the trailblazing Star Trek star. Lewis, who voices Capt. Carol Freeman on Star Trek: Lower Decks, told 6,500 fans about looking up to Nichols as a child and later sharing a decades-long friendship. Days after that emotional Comic-Con moment, […]

Critic’s Notebook: Is Late Night on the Verge of a Diversity Downgrade?

With 'Desus & Mero' and Samantha Bee canceled — and James Corden’s slot up for grabs — late night is at a crucial representational crossroads, THR's chief TV critic writes.

Guest Column: What Putin’s War on Ukraine and LGBTQ Rights Means for Russian Culture

Russian filmmakers had been doing their best to build up new international cultural relations and embed our country into a global art world. Vladimir Putin has unearthed the hatchet and buried all these efforts by our national talents. On Feb. 24, President Putin declared war on Ukraine in all but name. But war has been […]

Guest Column: The Compassion and Consideration in Casting ‘The White Lotus’

I first met Michael (that’s what he went by in college, so that’s what I still call him) White in an acting class during our freshman year at Wesleyan. There were two acting classes, and we were in the bad one — the B group, so to speak. Michael was already a little bit famous […]

Guest Column: Nichelle Nichols Inspired Black Women to Dream Big For the Future

How often in history does one live to see the impact of their legacy? As human beings with lifetimes that stand as just a drop in the ocean of time, one rarely sees the fruits of their labor moving toward a better world for future generations. Nichelle Nichols, who died July 30 at the age […]

Guest Column: Film Academy’s Rabbi Looks Back on 40 Years of Membership

I take great pride when I read news stories in my Hollywood Reporter about young people from a wide array of ethnic groups making their entry into the wonderful world of motion pictures. Last month, almost 400 people, many from the Asian, African-American and Latino communities, were invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture […]

Guest Column: How Creating ‘Dopesick’ Turned Me From Writer to Activist

Danny Strong, also the director of Hulu's Emmy-nominated limited series, explains how the show is helping to bring about a reckoning with Purdue Pharma and the 'greatest crime in U.S. history'

Guest Column: Why Individual Stories Get Lost in the Fight for Abortion Rights

I spent three years filming in abortion clinics [while making 2016 doc Trapped], spending time in Mississippi, Alabama and Texas. Nothing that I knew before traveling to these places prepared me for what I would see. If you’ve spent time in the South, you’ll know what I mean when I say there are few things […]

How I Became the Fake Tom Cruise

I wasn’t exceptional in college by any means. I studied English literature because I knew that charm and charisma could influence my overall grade in a way they couldn’t in math and sciences. I sang a cappella in a group whose repertoire was stuck in the 1940s and was a bottom-rung substitute on the squash […]

Guest Column: Having More Women in Power Could Have Raised Urgency of Protecting Roe

Ketanji Brown Jackson’s June 30 swearing-in as the first Black woman on the Supreme Court was historic and inspiring. While her ascendance just six days after the court’s overturn of Roe v. Wade struck many as ironic and dispiriting, it should also serve as a powerful reminder that in Washington, D.C., as well as in […]

Guest Column: What Hollywood Can Do After the Reversal of Roe v. Wade

We knew that Roe v. Wade was fragile. When Tara clerked on the Supreme Court nearly 18 years ago, it was clear that, for the most conservative Justices and law clerks, Roe was their tipping point. The ire with which it was viewed was palpable, down to apocryphal stories of law clerks who would go […]