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‘Flight’ Tops DVD Sales Chart

Disney's "Peter Pan" debuts at No. 1 on the Blu-ray sales list for week ending Feb. 10.

‘Django Unchained’ Stays on Top in Italy Despite Arrival of ‘Lincoln,’ ‘Flight’

Quentin Tarantino's Spaghetti Western tribute has now pulled in $6.9 million in the country that produced the original "Django."

Sound Oscar: How Editors and Mixers Amped Up Drama

From "Skyfall's" action-packed opener to "Argo's" suspenseful finale, the magic behind what moviegoers really hear -- and feel.

Kelly Reilly on Her Journey Since ‘Flight,’ Awards Season and Staying ‘Slightly Oblivious’ (Q&A)

The actress plays a heroin addict in Robert Zemeckis' contender drama.

‘Flight,’ ‘Django Unchained’ Among NAACP Image Awards Nominees

Despite a controversy of its use of the n-word, Quentin Tarantino's film collects four nominations.

‘Flight’ Ensemble on Working With Denzel and Faking a Plane Crash (Exclusive Video)

Kelly Reilly, Tamara Tunie and James Badge Dale also discuss how they prepared for their roles and the rarity of adult-targeted movies made on midrange budgets.

Revenge of the Box-Office Winners: How Big Movies Are Eclipsing Indies in the Oscar Race

Suddenly, the box office is playing a key role in boosting -- or diminishing -- some films' awards chances.

Robert Zemeckis to Be Honored as Director of the Year at Palm Springs Film Fest

The award will be presented at the festival's Awards Gala on Jan. 5.

Hollywood’s IP Wars: Inside the Fight Over Trademarks

Budweiser's mad about "Flight," Faulkner's estate is suing Sony: Trademark overload is reshaping how brands appear onscreen -- and how showbiz protects its assets.

Robert Zemeckis: Denzel’s ‘Flight’ Character Is an ‘Extension’ of ‘Back to the Future’ (Q&A)

"Marty [McFly] is [also] in a land where he's isolated. He's in another time zone," the director explains.

Don Cheadle: Man of the Hour (Video)

Fresh from a turn in "Flight" with Denzel, the "House of Lies" star shares his love of acting -- and his collection of world-class watches.

Foreign Box Office: Twilight’s ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’ Launching the Biggest Foreign Opening of 2012

"Skyfall" falls to No. 2, but cracks the half-billion overseas gross mark to become the biggest Bond ever; "Flight" under the radar in one-market foreign opening.