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Fox Business Channel

Mike Rowe Says His Fox Business Show ‘How America Works’ Will “Magnify That Which Is out of Sight and Therefore out of Mind”

TV and podcast host Mike Rowe first became a public figure on the national level by getting dirty. On his Discovery Channel show Dirty Jobs, which first aired in 2003, Rowe would travel the country and profile workers who, well, got dirty. “[Dirty Jobs] wasn’t a lecture, it wasn’t a sermon, it was an honest […]

Fox Business Network Launching Entertainment-Focused Primetime Block

Fox Business Network is changing its primetime programming lineup, moving toward an entertainment-focused offering “that celebrates American industry and ingenuity,” the company says. The new “FBN Prime” lineup will debut Sept. 20., with new episodes Monday-Wednesday, and replays on Thursdays. As a result of the new lineup, FBN’s 8 PM show, Kennedy, hosted by Lisa […]

Larry Kudlow to (Sort of) Replace Lou Dobbs on Fox Business

The former Trump adviser will host a show on the cable channel that will fill one of the slots previously occupied by Dobbs' show.

Brian Jones Out as President of Fox Business Network

Brian Jones is leaving Fox Business Network just two years after being promoted to serve as president of the business channel. He will be replaced by Lauren Petterson.

Fox’s Suddenly Swift Action on Harassment Claims: “The Pendulum Has Swung the Other Way”

Ousted Fox Sports exec Jamie Horowitz preps a lawsuit and Fox Business anchor Charles Payne vows to fight allegations of sex bias as the Murdochs adopt a "zero tolerance" policy in the wake of the Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly scandals and payouts.

Fox Business’ Neil Cavuto Talks GOP Debate Questions, CNBC Backlash, Trump’s “Nuanced” Economic Plan

Network senior vp and Thursday's moderator, who just re-signed to a multiyear deal, also discusses living and working with multiple sclerosis and Roger Ailes' understanding of his medical issues: "He said, 'We'll build a ramp to your set. We'll find a way to get your fat ass up there.'"

Critic’s Notebook: GOP Debate Ends With Fireworks From Donald Trump, Opponents

Even with two candidates winnowed out, at the rate the Republicans are going, it will be several years before they narrow the field.

The Next GOP Debate: How Fox Business Network Moderators Plan to Keep It Civil

The Fox Business Network anchors face the GOP field on Nov. 10, two weeks after the much maligned CNBC debate put networks under the microscope as the debates continue to generate record ratings.

Fox Business Network Sets Date for Fourth GOP Debate

The event, set to take place Nov. 10th in Milwaukee, will focus on the economy.

Former CNN, Fox News Anchor Terry Keenan Dies at 53

The longtime business correspondent most recently served as a finance columnist at the New York Post

Fox Business Network Moving Into Alternative Series With ‘Strange Inheritance’

The financial cable network marks its first departure from standard news programming with an unscripted series about people who came into a lot of money.

Maria Bartiromo’s New Fox Business Network Show to Air at 9 a.m.

The high-profile addition to the financial network comes amid several scheduling changes.