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Frank Miller

‘Cursed’: TV Review

Netflix's Arthurian legend prequel 'Cursed' features Katherine Langford as the future Lady of the Lake.

‘Dark Knight Returns’ Team Reveals Story Behind ‘Batman’ Art That Caused Controversy in China

The team behind 'Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child' say DC deleted an image not because it was used by Hong Kong protestors, but because the credits had been incorrect originally.

Frank Miller’s ‘Superman: Year One’ Reveals Art and Release Dates

Frank Miller's 'Superman: Year One' reteams the 'Batman: Year One' and 'The Dark Knight Returns' creator with John Romita Jr.

’13 Reasons Why’ Breakout Katherine Langford to Star in Frank Miller’s ‘Cursed’ at Netflix

Katherine Langford will play the lead role in 'Cursed,' Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler's take on the King Arthur legend; Zetna Fuentes will direct the first two episodes.

Frank Miller Regains Film and TV Rights to ‘Sin City’

'Sin City' will no longer be part of the Weinstein Co.'s sale to Lantern.

Frank Miller Sets King Arthur Drama Series at Netflix

'Cursed' will be based on Miller and Tom Wheeler's upcoming book of the same name.

DC Signs Frank Miller to 5-Project Deal

First up is 'Superman: Year One' and a young readers graphic novel starring Carrie Kelley (aka Robin).

Frank Miller Taking On ‘Superman: Year One’ Comic Book Project

The new series will follow Clark Kent from his initial discovery in Smallville forward.

Frank Miller’s New York: The Icon Reveals the Places That Inspire His Work

The writer-artist looks back at 'The Dark Knight Returns' and 'Daredevil.'

100 Greatest Superhero Comics

Stan Lee, Frank Miller, Todd McFarlane and more A-list creators look back at their legendary work.

A Rare Interview With Frank Miller: ‘Dark Knight,’ the Unmade Darren Aronofsky Batman Movie, and Donald Trump

The best-selling comics writer and president of Frank Miller Ink also talks 'Batman v. Superman,' his thoughts on the presidential race (he watches "only for humor's sake") and why he doesn't watch…

Frank Miller Talks ‘Dark Knight III’: “When It Comes to Batman, I’m a Raging Dictator”

The famed comic book creator and his collaborator Klaus Janson on returning to Gotham 30 years after the original 'Dark Knight Returns.'