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Frank Scheck on Politics

Critic’s Notebook: The Jan. 6 Committee Hearings Are Must-See TV

Compelling evidence, dramatic testimony and harrowing footage of the events that day permeated the opening night of what deserves to be the must-see TV event of the summer.

Critic’s Notebook: Trump’s Reality TV Show Presidency Gets Canceled

After four tumultuous and often traumatic years, Americans were ready to change the channel.

Critic’s Notebook: Biden and Sanders Rise to the Occasion in Most Substantive Democratic Debate Yet

The coronavirus crisis loomed over a debate that was striking in its seriousness and lack of pandering.

Critic’s Notebook: Trump’s Nine Lives on Full Display in State of the Union Address

President Trump sticks to the script for his State of the Union speech the night before the Senate's impeachment vote, and you could tell it was killing him.

Critic’s Notebook: Elizabeth Warren Takes a Turn in the Hot Seat at Democratic Debate

Elizabeth Warren took heat as the new frontrunner, Pete Buttigieg came out swinging and Bernie Sanders displayed reassuring vigor in the largest-ever presidential debate.

Critic’s Notebook: Trump and the Off-the-Rails Tragicomedy of Impeachment TV

From the cable news and talk shows to Joseph Maguire's congressional testimony, the impeachment saga is a can't-look-away small-screen trainwreck.

Critic’s Notebook: Facing Impeachment Inquiry, Trump Delivers Low-Energy Presser

There is only way to describe President Donald Trump's performance during his first press conference after the announcement of the House impeachment inquiry: low-energy. Complaining about all the negative reactions to his "beautiful, innocent" phone call with the leader of Ukraine, the president sounded like a grade-schooler trying to get out of being grounded.

Critic’s Notebook: Not Even Candidates’ Quips Can Enliven Epically Long Democratic Debate

From "Houston, we have a problem" to "I'm Asian, so I know a lot about doctors," the Democratic candidates seemed to be developing material for their stand-up acts — but the length of the event was punishing.

Critic’s Notebook: Biden Survives the Pile-On in Second Democratic Debate

The former vice president withstands a barrage of attacks from his fellow candidates, and this time manages to keep his head above water.

Critic’s Notebook: At Second Democratic Debate, It’s Sanders and Warren Against the World

The two progressive candidates vigorously battled their more moderate challengers in a spirited evening about the future direction of the party.

Critic’s Notebook: Mueller Testifies, Satisfying Nobody

Much to the Democrats' dismay, former special counsel Robert Mueller's halting testimony before Congress on Wednesday is unlikely to fuel a groundswell for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Critic’s Notebook: Trump Hijacks Independence Day

President Trump somehow resisted the urge to turn his “Salute to America” on the National Mall into a political rally. But that would have been almost preferable to the boringly jingoistic speech he did give.