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Friends (TV)

Jennifer Grey Says “Bad Anxiety” Stopped Her From Reprising Her ‘Friends’ Role

Jennifer Grey is opening up about the anxiety she faced during her appearance on the first season of Friends and how it hindered her from reprising the role later on. During an interview with MediaVillage, published online Friday, the Dirty Dancing star recalled initially being excited when she got the call for the show because […]

Aisha Tyler Reflects on Her Time on ‘Friends’ Almost 20 Years After Her Character Was Introduced: “It Was a Big Deal”

Aisha Tyler is reflecting on her time on Friends almost 20 years after her character Charlie Wheeler became a recurring character on the popular sitcom. The actress spoke to Entertainment Tonight about her experience joining the NBC series and how the cast was kind and welcoming, even though she was “petrified.” “My knees were knocking. […]

Jennifer Aniston Says “There’s a Whole Generation of People” Who Finds ‘Friends’ Offensive

Jennifer Aniston recently opened up about how comedy has changed in the decades since Friends aired. While promoting her upcoming film Murder Mystery 2, Aniston explained that comedy is more complicated today than it used to be. “Now it’s a little tricky because you have to be very careful, which makes it really hard for […]

Sarah Snook Reveals Which ‘Succession’ Characters Are Most Like ‘Friends’ Cast

Succession star Sarah Snook stopped by NBC’s Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote the fourth and final season of the hit HBO drama, but host Fallon also used her appearance to get her to offer a media-family take on the popular Internet quiz, “Which Friends character are you?” Snook appeared after Jennifer Aniston as […]

Courteney Cox Fights Back Tears at Walk of Fame Event With ‘Friends’ Stars Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow

The Hollywood Walk of Fame welcomed a new friend on Monday: Friends superstar Courteney Cox. The 58-year-old actress, producer, director and entrepreneur was immortalized with a star at the starry event that featured loving tributes from her Friends co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow and longtime pal Laura Dern. By the end, Cox, who was […]

New Year’s Eve: 25 Memorable Scenes in Film and TV

Movies and television shows have long had a fascination with New Year’s Eve, promising big parties and falling in love with strangers as the clock strikes midnight. Resolutions have also played a big role in plots, whether inspiring characters to be better or sending them to fail miserably in whatever they hoped to change about […]

Thanksgiving TV: 26 of the Tube’s Best Turkey Day Celebrations

‘Tis the season for Thanksgiving. While many can gather with loved ones or seek a delicious meal, a myriad of television shows offer episodes centered on the holiday to offer laughs and maybe even some drama. From Friends to Modern Family and New Girl, the Thanksgiving-themed episodes from a number of television shows deliver family […]

Matthew Perry Explains How Feeling “Uncomfortable and Agitated” Led Him to Start Writing

Matthew Perry reflected on his new role as a writer and his decision to write the memoir, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, during a live conversation at New York City’s Town Hall on Wednesday night. While talking with Jess Cagle, the actor revealed what makes him laugh in the midst of his addiction […]

6 Revelations From Matthew Perry’s Diane Sawyer Interview

Matthew Perry sat down with Diane Sawyer on Friday to discuss his upcoming memoir, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing. In the 250-page book, he reveals just how bad his struggle with addiction was, how many times he’s had to have surgery as a result of it and how his Friends experience was shaped […]

From Chandler’s Cadence to Addiction Woes: 8 Revelations From Matthew Perry’s Memoir

In Matthew Perry’s new memoir, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, the author and actor spends most of the 250 pages discussing the Big Terrible Thing. For the very first time, he chronicles his addiction in great detail; Perry’s struggles with alcohol and painkillers have been known to the public for decades, but the […]

Matthew Perry Says ‘Friends’ Co-Star Jennifer Aniston Supported Him Through His Addiction

It seems like Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston were friends on and off the screen. The Friends star, who played Chandler Bing on the hit sitcom, recently opened up about how his co-stars on the series were there for him while he was struggling with addiction — especially Aniston. In a preview clip for his […]

Matthew Perry Says He Had a “2 Percent Chance to Live” After Addiction-Related Medical Emergency

Matthew Perry says he was close to death after experiencing a gastrointestinal perforation and his colon bursting following opioid misuse. In a new People magazine cover story ahead of the release of his new memoir Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing, releasing Nov. 1, Perry spoke for the first time about some aspects of […]