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Gavin Smith

Fox Executive Gavin Smith’s Killer Convicted of Manslaughter

A Los Angeles jury on Monday rejected first- or second-degree murder but found 44-year-old John Creech guilty of the lesser charge in the killing of the 20th Century Fox distribution executive.

Trial Begins of Man Accused of Murdering Fox Movie Exec Gavin Smith

Scheduled for Wednesday, the trial for the 2012 murder was delayed until Thursday, as the jury was not seated in time.

Fox Exec Gavin Smith: Investigators Say They Know “How and Why” He Was Slain

"There was evidence in the car that indicated he was killed in the car," said authorities

Missing Fox Exec Gavin Smith Declared Dead by L.A. Sheriff’s Department

"A judge has ruled a death certificate for Gavin," Lt. Dave Dolson of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said.

Officials: Missing Fox Exec Gavin Smith Likely Killed

The discovery of Smith's vehicle leads investigators to believe that he was the victim of a homicide.

Police: Car at Drug House Tied to Missing Fox Exec (Report)

Detectives say the SUV is registered to the husband of a woman with whom Gavin Smith might have had an affair.

Wife of Missing Fox Exec Gavin Smith Acknowledges Extramarital Affairs, Suspects Foul Play

Lisa Smith says she would have preferred to keep “not so pretty details” of their relationship to herself.

‘America’s Most Wanted’ to Air Feature on Missing Fox Exec Gavin Smith

UPDATED: The venerable crime-news program is working on the piece, which will air Oct. 12, with cooperation from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Missing Fox Exec Gavin Smith’s Sister: ‘Where Could He Possibly Be?’

His sister and his wife talk with THR about their struggle for answers as his office is packed up, clues remain scarce and a dramatic turn dead-ends.