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Ghost Hunters

‘Ghost Hunters’ Producer on Eight-Year Legal War: ‘Finally, Someone Said, “Enough”‘

Craig Piligian and Syfy win a nasty case in the growing area of reality TV idea theft.

NBCU Prevails in Epic ‘Ghost Hunters’ Legal Battle

The dispute, litigated for more than seven years, alleged that the show about a team of paranormal investigators was stolen.

‘Ghost Hunters’ Scares Up Business Oversees

Alfred Haber Distribution sells the new season of Syfy's paranormal reality series across Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

The CW’s ‘P.E.T. Squad Files’ From Milo Ventimiglia Spoofs the Paranormal TV Genre

How did co-creators and stars Michael Hobert and John Dale come up with the digital series, about a dysfunctional team of ghost hunters? By watching "Ghost Adventures."

‘Ghost Hunters’ Investigator Grant Wilson Exiting Show (Video)

The star of Syfy's reality series co-founded the The Atlantic Paranormal Society in 1990.

Why NBCU Appealed a ‘Ghost Hunters’ Lawsuit to the U.S. Supreme Court (Analysis)

NBCU, supported by the MPAA, has petitioned for cert to the high court in a lawsuit involving whether the studio ripped off the idea for Syfy's 'Ghost Hunters'. The future of stolen-idea cases could be at stake.