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Girls on Girls

‘Girls on Girls’ Podcast: The Circle of Life … It Moves Us All

The season four 'Girls' finale takes us from the birth of Caroline's baby to the death of Hannah and Adam (and possibly Desi?)

‘Girls on Girls’ Podcast: I Think We’re Alone Now

Boundary-crossing, scene-stealing and daddy-dressing: 'Girls' is back to its usual shenanigans.

‘Girls on Girls’ Podcast: In With Tenure, Out With Tad

'Girls' goes all Mazursky on us as Hannah's parents and their friends dabble in some bed-hopping and closet-popping.

‘Girls on Girls’ Podcast: Getting Along Without Him

A beautifully crafted episode that feels like a short film finds Hannah and Adam confronting ghosts of lovers past, present and future.

‘Girls on Girls’ Podcast: Close-Up and Personal

It's better late than never as 'Girls' finally hits its stride at this season's halfway point.

‘Girls on Girls’ Podcast: The Last of the Red Hot Lovers

Cue the Boyz II Men and pour one out for Hannah and Adam in this touching return to emotional 'Girls' terrain

‘Girls on Girls’ Podcast: Cubby Problems

The season's fourth episode finds everyone's bold choices start to come back and bite them in the ass (no pun intended, Marnie.)

‘Girls on Girls’ Podcast: Timed to Self-Destruct

Now that they're finally getting what they want, will our girls let their falling stars fade away?

‘Girls on Girls’ Podcast: Trigger Warning

Episode two, aptly called 'Triggering' in oh so many ways, takes us to the heartland as Hannah goes back to school.

‘Girls on Girls’ Podcast: No Sleep ‘Til … Iowa?

The weekly 'Girls' recap series is back and better (bitter?) than ever with the first episode of season four

‘Girls on Girls (+ One Guy)’ Podcast: It All Ends at a Broadway Debut

It might be curtains for Hannah and Adam, as the "Girls" season three finale hinted at a possible huge move on the way.

‘Girls On Girls (+ One Guy)’ Podcast with Allison Williams

The "Girls" actress joins us for a special episode to chat about Marnie's singing career, the fallout from Christopher Abbott's departure and why filming that Edie Brickell music video is a "close contender for my favorite day of work."