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Glenn Beck

John Oliver Blasts Fox News Over Dr. Seuss “Bulls*** Culture War” Reaction

"A company deciding which of its own books it will or won't print is an example of free enterprise, not fascism," the HBO host said of the blowback.

Glenn Beck’s The Blaze to End on Linear TV (Exclusive)

The Blaze, the multimedia firm founded by Glenn Beck after he left Fox News eight years ago, will shut down its traditional cable channel at the end of the year, several sources told The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday.

TheBlaze and CRTV Merge to Create Conservative Media Powerhouse (Exclusive)

Glenn Beck and Mark Levin are teaming up by merging TheBlaze and CRTV to create a conservative-media entity dubbed Blaze Media, which they say will reach 165 million people via television, digital platforms and social media.

Mark Zuckerberg Battles Ted Cruz Over Bias, Agrees Facebook May Have to Be Regulated

"It's pretty much impossible, I believe, to start a company in your dorm room and then grow it to be at the scale we're at now without making some mistakes," Zuckerberg told U.S. senators on Day 1 of a two-day hearing.

Steve Bannon Headlining Breitbart News Push Into Radio

Bannon began his new gig as co-host of 'Breitbart News Daily' on Tuesday.

Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze Lays Off Dozens of Staffers

The host announced that 20 percent of his staff was dismissed on Thursday.

Bill O’Reilly Says Chris Christie Used Beach Incident to Help Him Get Media Deal

"I think he’s going to get some kind of media contract too," the former Fox News host said of the New Jersey governor.

Sean Hannity on Media Coverage of Trump’s MSNBC Tweets: “They’re a Bunch of Crybabies”

The subject dominated talk radio, where most conservatives criticized the president for "inappropriate" tweets about Mika Brzezinski.

Johnny Depp’s Trump Remarks Dominate Talk Radio

"How are you going to talk to the people who are shouting down and throwing Molotov cocktails? You're not," Glenn Beck told his audience Friday.

Bill O’Reilly Vows Action Against “Left-Wing Cabal” in First Interview Since Fox Exit

The host says he will be naming those he says orchestrated a smear campaign against him.

Hollywood Docket: WME-IMG Sued Over Canceled Super Bowl Event

Plus CNN is suing a consumer drone company for trademark infringement and The Blaze and Tomi Lahren have reached a settlement.

Glenn Beck Explains “Friend of Roger,” Offers Insight on Fox News Culture

Beck says it would be interesting to see if the same incidents have happened at other media outlets: "This is not a conservative disease, it's not a Fox disease, it's a male disease."