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Glenn Beck

Ann Coulter’s Message to Never-Trumpers: “Move out of DC”

The syndicated columnist also explains why she thinks the mogul is actually a conservative.

Pat Boone Escalates His War on ‘Saturday Night Live’

"I'd like to ask Lorne Michaels: If somebody did a funny sketch and portrayed his mother as a diseased whore, would he find that funny?" asks the legendary entertainer.

Glenn Beck Calls Donald Trump a “Narcissist to the Highest Level”

"He's a man that said, 'I've slept with peoples' wives' ... and yet he's also said that he's never had to ask God for forgiveness for anything he's done."

Glenn Beck Asks Audience to See Benghazi Movie to Send Message to Hollywood

"I warn you, it is going to make you a little angry," the host said of Paramount's Benghazi film. "This movie is just outrageous."

CNBC Debate Fallout Continues: Could Future Moderators Include Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity?

"Traditional mainstream media has treated the debates as comedies, as propaganda, and as ratings and revenue opportunities, even as they mock conservative candidates. It's an outrage," Beck wrote in…

Jon Voight Says ’60s When U.S. Values “Turned Upside Down”

"It was a very disturbing period of time. The left moved in, and when I say the left, I mean Marxism," Voight said in an appearance on Glenn Beck's radio show to promote his new movie 'Woodlawn.'

Donald Trump, Megyn Kelly Square Off During (and After) Debate

Carly Fiorina tweets support for Kelly in the ongoing battle, and Glenn Beck warns Trump: "Never tangle with her ... she will cut you up into little tiny pieces."

Former Glenn Beck Execs Launch Digital Media Venture, Sign Jason Blum’s Blumhouse (Exclusive)

Red Seat Ventures is designed to connect content creators directly with their audiences.

The Introspective Roger Ailes: Fox News’ Chief on Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Brian Williams’ Future (“I’d Put Him Back”) and His Own

Ailes, 74, arguably the most powerful person of the next election, opens up about Rupert Murdoch, his dislikes (Elisabeth Murdoch's "creepy" ex-husband Matthew Freud), that MLK photo in his office…

Oscars 2015: ‘American Sniper’ “Hero” Lyric Doesn’t Make Cut for Opening Song

The lyrics, according to Playbill, originally included a line referencing "a hero of Afghanistan." The final version includes a nod to "a sniper in a combat zone."

Glenn Beck: It’s “Critical” That Americans See ‘Selma’

The conservative host also excoriates some "racists" who have visited his Facebook page to dismiss the film