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Hailee Steinfeld

The Most Stylish Women’s Sunglasses to Wear for Spring and Beyond

Shield your peepers from the sun (or flashbulbs) with these fashionable frames that include celebrity collaborations with Hilary Duff and Millie Bobby Brown.

‘Dickinson’ Creator: Civil War-Set Season 3 Will Explore Power of Written Word

Showrunner Alena Smith breaks down the season two finale's romantic reunion and teases the timeliness of the next set of episodes of the Apple TV+ series: "How can we build a better society without…

Hailee Steinfeld Opens Up About Emily’s Relationship With Fame in ‘Dickinson’ Season 2

The singer-actress talks to The Hollywood Reporter about the uncertain dynamic between the poet and her charismatic editor, Sam Bowles (Finn Jones), as well as how she connected with her character's…

‘Dickinson’ Season 2 Trailer: Hailee Steinfeld’s Young Poet Considers Whether to Seek Fame

New episodes of the Apple TV+ series are set to drop on Jan. 8, with the comedy about Emily Dickinson already renewed for a third season.

Awkwafina, Issa Rae, Reese Witherspoon and More on Taking on Producer Roles: “I Maybe Love Producing More Than Being On-Camera”

To achieve their creative ambitions, actresses including Aidy Bryant, Nicole Kidman, Hailee Steinfeld, Kerry Washington, leveraged power by taking on producer roles in addition to their onscreen…

SAG Awards Nominations Snubs: No Individual Nod for De Niro; ‘1917,’ ‘The Farewell,’ ‘Little Women’ Shut Out

The 2020 SAG Awards nomination snubs include Robert De Niro, '1917,' 'The Farewell,' 'Little Women,' 'Veep,' broadcast TV (except for 'This Is Us' star Sterling K. Brown), 'Orange Is the New Black,'…

‘Dickinson’ Boss Reveals Season 2 Focus

Showrunner Alena Smith breaks down memorable scenes from the first set of episodes of Apple TV+'s 'Dickinson' about a young Emily Dickinson, including that slap, the loss that helps the poet develop…

How Emily Dickinson Helped Hailee Steinfeld Find “A More Fearless Approach to My Art”

Hailee Steinfeld talks to The Hollywood Reporter about preparing for and playing Emily Dickinson in Apple TV+'s half-hour comedy 'Dickinson,' her work as a producer and her song "Afterlife."

‘Dickinson’: Hailee Steinfeld Talks Exploring Poet’s “Complex” Relationship With Best Friend

Hailee Steinfeld joined The Hollywood Reporter In Studio to discuss starring in Apple TV+'s 'Dickinson' and exploring the "complex" relationship between poet Emily Dickinson and her best friend Sue…

‘Dickinson’ Boss on Using Poet’s Sexuality, Political Context to Tell a Modern Story

'Dickinson' creator Alena Smith talks to THR about the Apple TV+ half-hour comedy starring Hailee Steinfeld as a young version of Emily Dickinson, including the poet's fluid sexuality, how Apple…

Apple’s ‘Dickinson’: What the Critics Are Saying

Apple TV+'s 'Dickinson,' a half-hour comedy starring Hailee Steinfeld as a teenage Emily Dickinson in an 1800s setting with 2019 language, is the forthcoming streaming platform's best reviewed series…

‘Dickinson’: TV Review

THR review: Hailee Steinfeld stars as a rebellious teen Emily Dickinson in Apple TV+'s sexed-up comedy 'Dickinson,' based on the poet's life.