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Halloween Kills

How ‘Halloween Kills’ Doesn’t Overkill the Michael Myers Unmasking

[This story contains spoilers to the ending of Halloween Kills.] Just as the trailer led fans to believe, Michael Myers is indeed unmasked for the audience in Halloween Kills — and the moment works because it is not excessive. In the film, which landed in theaters and on Peacock Friday, the seemingly unstoppable monster Michael […]

Box Office: ‘Halloween Kills’ Scares Up Strong $4.9M in Thursday Previews

David Gordon Green’s Halloween Kills scared up a strong $4.9 million in Thursday previews at the box office. The Universal, Miramax and Blumhouse movie is a follow-up to Green’s 2018 Halloween reboot, which opened to a record-breaking $76.2 million on its way to earning north of $250 million worldwide. The new generation of films see […]

Jason Blum and David Gordon Green on ‘Halloween Kills’ and ‘Halloween Ends’ New Twist Ending

Once Halloween (2018) became the franchise’s highest-grossing chapter, producer Jason Blum and filmmaker David Gordon Green had the wind at their backs as they set out to complete a new trilogy. With the second installment, Halloween Kills, on the verge of a day-and-date release, the two collaborators are now looking back at the “impossible task” […]

Jamie Lee Curtis on ‘Halloween Kills’ Ending: “It’s Masterful”

After 43 years, Jamie Lee Curtis is the happiest she’s ever been in Haddonfield. Curtis — who’s about to return to the big screen as her signature character, Laurie Strode, in David Gordon Green’s Halloween Kills — gives much of the credit to Green, whom her godson, Jake Gyllenhaal, introduced her to in June 2017. […]

‘Halloween Kills’ Team on Future of Film Series: “It’s Next Level, Which Fans of This Franchise Want and Need”

Halloween returned on Tuesday night for the premiere of the next installment in the classic Michael Myers saga: Halloween Kills.   Dressed for a full-fledged costume party, the cast and creators arrived at Hollywood’s landmark TCL Chinese Theater to celebrate the film’s debut — an occasion that was delayed a full year due to the pandemic.  […]

Jamie Lee Curtis in David Gordon Green’s ‘Halloween Kills’: Film Review | Venice 2021

Michael Myers is once again back in Haddonfield to spread carnage by the light of jack-o’-lanterns in this second part of a trilogy tied directly to John Carpenter’s original.