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Christopher Landon to Write, Direct ‘Arachnophobia’ Remake for Amblin Partners (Exclusive)

Christopher Landon ain’t afraid of no spiders. Landon, the writer-director behind horror hits Happy Death Day and Freaky, has been tapped to write and direct Amblin Partners’ remake of Arachnophobia. James Wan and his Atomic Monster cohort Michael Clear are producing the feature project along with Amblin, while Frank Marshall, the Jurassic World franchise producer […]

13 Movies and TV Shows With ‘Groundhog Day’-Like Time Loops

The concept of the same day repeating has been featured in films like 'Before I Fall' and 'Happy Death Day' and TV shows including 'The Mindy Project' and 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer.'

Kathryn Newton on ‘Map of Tiny Perfect Things’ and Golfing with Bill Murray

The actor also has 'Ant-Man 3' on her docket: "Five years ago, if you asked me what my dream was, I would have said, 'To be in a Marvel movie.'"

Jessica Rothe on ‘All My Life’ and Wanting a ‘Happy Death Day’ and ‘Freaky’ Crossover

Jessica Rothe reflects on the bonds she formed on the set of the tearjerker, and imagines a battle between Christopher Landon's creations, who inhabit a single universe: "It totally needs to be a showdown of Tree versus Millie."

Filmmaker Christopher Landon on ‘Freaky’ and the Marketing Challenge of ‘Happy Death Day 2U’

'Freaky' filmmaker Christopher Landon wanted to 'make the goriest Disney movie possible.'

Jessica Rothe on Shocking ‘Utopia’ Scene and Her ‘Happy Death Day’ Future

Utopia star Jessica Rothe weighs in on Sam's fate and Happy Death Day to Us.

HBO: Movies Leaving in May

Take a look at the movies that will disappear from the premium outlet next month.

The Surprising Moments of ‘Happy Death Day 2U’

'Happy Death Day 2U' has a twist ending that needs to be explained.

How ‘Happy Death Day 2U’ Tops the Original

Writer-director Christopher Landon's 'Happy Death Day 2U' strays farther from the first film's 'Scream'-like meta-slasher narrative.

‘Happy Death Day’ Director Secretly Pitched Sequel While Editing First Film

'Happy Death Day 2U' director Christopher Landon was sitting in post-production when he had an epiphany and pitched the idea to Jason Blum.

‘Happy Death Day’ and Why Horror Movies Are Terrifying Hollywood Studios

'Happy Death Day' has already made back its production budget more than five times.

‘Happy Death Day’ Ending Raises Plenty of Questions

Director Christopher Landon has an idea for a sequel, and says "it's definitely not what anyone is expecting."