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Hollywood Legacies

Dakota Johnson on Growing Up in Hollywood: “I Keep My Therapist on Speed Dial”

The 'Fifty Shades of Grey' actress poses for THR's Hollywood Legacies issue alongside mom Melanie Griffith, dad Don Johnson and grandmother Tippi Hedren, a dynasty of actors whose performances defined zeitgeists.

Donald Sutherland and Sons’ Hollywood Legacy: Letting Kids “Find Their Own Way”

"Both of my parents were quite disappointed that this was what I wanted to do. I think I felt the same way for my daughter," says Kiefer, who posed for THR's Hollywood Legacies issue with dad Donald and brothers Rossif and Roeg.

The Ladd Family Explains Attraction to Showbiz: “We All Speak Movie”

Alan Jr., Kelliann, Amanda, David and Jordan posed for THR's Hollywood Legacies issue where Jordan revealed why joining the family business was inevitable: "We became well versed in cinema, which always held a magic for me.”

Anjelica, Danny and Jack Huston Talk Family, Their “United Dedication to Each Other”

The Huston family posed for THR's Hollywood Legacies issue, where Anjelica explained her family-first philosophy: "If I see that someone in the family is being badly criticized in a way that they don’t deserve, I become infuriated."

The Hollywood Legacies of Jenji and David Kohan: TV “Didn’t Seem Like a Pipe Dream”

The Emmy-winning TV storytellers and their dad, Buz, pose for THR's Hollywood Legacies issue and share that the secret to their success is "capturing a voice that existed at our dinner table and putting it into television shows."

Quincy Jones’ Kids Called Michael Jackson Pop-ins “Normal” at Their House

The music mogul poses for THR's Hollywood Legacies issue with Rachel, Kidada, Rashida, Martina and Quincy III as Rashida reveals: "We laugh a lot, and there is nothing better than that."

Val Kilmer Opens Up About Battling Cancer and His Kids’ Showbiz Ambitions

The actor poses for THR's Hollywood Legacies issue with children Jack and Mercedes as he reveals how he's changed after battling throat cancer: "I was too serious. I'd get upset when things like Oscars and recognition failed to come my way."

Hollywood Legacies: Exclusive Photos of the Hustons, Poitiers, Sutherlands and More Showbiz Families

They're the dynasties, the establishment, the families with hundreds of film and television credits to their multigenerational names, and as the Hedren-Griffith-Johnsons, Kohans, Ladds and others in THR's exclusive portfolio reveal, they're just now getting started.

For Beneficiaries of Hollywood Nepotism, “You Always Fight That Label”

Those who worked their way up from outside the industry look at the children of legacies as spoiled shoo-ins — and sometimes they're right. But famous bloodlines also come with pitfalls: "You have a parent who made one or two enemies along the way."

When Hollywood Offspring Land Industry Internships: “There’s a Pay-It-Forward Expectation”

Prized positions often go to powerful progeny as Tom Hanks' son scored a spot at Bad Robot while Katie Couric's daughter was a hard worker at HBO: "If I help your kid, maybe you'll help me or my kid down the road."

‘Bright’ Screenwriter Max Landis: No, My Dad Didn’t Give Me My Big Break

The hot screenwriter gets candid about his "complicated" relationship with director father John Landis and how his upbringing helped him get ahead (it's less than haters think).

5 Instagram Stars From Hollywood Families

Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin have paved the way for legacies leveraging their names on social media, where having an industry parent is an instant amplifier.