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Whoopi Goldberg Denies Doubling Down on “Hurtful” Holocaust Comments, Apologizes Following ADL Criticism

Whoopi Goldberg says she never meant for her recent interview comments about Jewish identity and the Holocaust — which were criticized by Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt — to appear as if she was “doubling down” on previous “hurtful” comments that resulted in her temporary suspension from her role as moderator on ABC’s The View. In a […]

The Night 65 Million People Watched ‘Schindler’s List’

Twenty-five years ago, Schindler’s List premiered on NBC with no advertisements. Sixty-five million people saw the film during its Feb. 23, 1997, broadcast — dwarfing the 25 million who watched the initial American release in theaters four years earlier. According to Nielsen, the three-plus-hour event achieved a 34 share, meaning more than a third of […]

Whoopi Goldberg Returns to ‘The View’ After Suspension Over Holocaust Comments

Whoopi Goldberg returned to The View on Monday, ending a suspension stemming from controversial comments she made about the Holocaust on the ABC show on Monday, Jan. 31. Taking her seat in the moderator’s spot at the table, Goldberg welcomed viewers to the show by saying she’s “back.” “We’re going to keep having tough conversations,” […]

Berlin: Menemsha Takes German Docu-Drama ‘The Conference’ for North America

Menemsha Films has picked up North American rights to The Conference, a German docu-drama from Constantin Film that depicts the infamous 1942 Wannsee Conference in Berlin, where Nazi officials met to plan the systematic genocide of European Jews. Directed by Matti Geschonneck (In Times of Fading Light), produced by Reinhold Elschot (The Dark Valley) and […]

Jimmy Carr Netflix Special Holocaust Remarks Condemned by U.K. Culture Secretary, Anti-Hate Groups

Jimmy Car is facing criticism from U.K. politicians and anti-hate groups for a portion of his latest Netflix comedy special His Dark Materials, in which he discusses the Nazi genocide of Roma during the Holocaust. During the special which dropped on the streamer Dec. 25, 2021, Carr remarks on Dwarfism, sexual abuse in the Boy […]

Whoopi Goldberg Apologizes for Holocaust Comments on ‘The View’: “I Stand Corrected”

The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg issued a forceful and seemingly heartfelt apology on the program Tuesday for comments she had made Monday about the Jewish people and the Holocaust in response to a local school board banning the graphic novel Maus. “Yesterday on the show I misspoke,” Goldberg said to open the talk show, adding […]

Whoopi Goldberg Apologizes and Seemingly Doubles Down on Holocaust Comments

Whoopi Goldberg continued to receive criticism and provoke debate Tuesday after an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert where she elaborated — and some say doubled down — on her take on the Holocaust and Jewish identity. The uproar began Monday when The View host and moderator discussed a Tennessee school district voting […]

“Putting an Actual Face on Genocide”

This story is part of “The Last Survivors,” originally published Jan. 8, 2016. In April, our team at USC Shoah Foundation sat down to photograph five survivors of the Holocaust, the Rwandan, Armenian, Cambodian and Guatemalan genocides, and the common idiom, “A picture’s worth a thousand words,” took on a whole new meaning for me. In […]

Roman Polanski Is Far From Silent

This story is part of “The Last Survivors,” originally published Jan. 8, 2016. Roman Polanski is singing an old German show tune in the middle of a horrific, detailed anecdote about the distilled darkness of concentration camps. He recalls a night after the war when he walked into a hotel room and found his father weeping […]

The Last Survivors: Ruth Posner

This story is part of “The Last Survivors,” originally published Jan. 8, 2016. London-based Posner, an 82-year-old Polish survivor who arrived in the U.K. after the war and went on to become a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, escaped the Warsaw Ghetto with her aunt at the age of 9 with falsified passports. (Her nonobservant […]

The Last Survivors: Leon Prochnik

This story is part of “The Last Survivors,” originally published Jan. 8, 2016. Leon Prochnik was 6 and on a family vacation away from their Krakow home when his father, the owner of one of the largest chocolate factories in Eastern Europe, received a telegram from an employee. It was 1939, just days after Germany had […]

The Last Survivors: Meyer Gottlieb

This story is part of “The Last Survivors,” originally published Jan. 8, 2016. Meyer Gottlieb can picture the wintry night his father wrapped the body of his baby brother in a tallis (prayer shawl) and carried it from a Ukrainian labor camp into the woods for a proper burial. Gottlieb was 3 or 4. He also […]