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Japanese Remake of Cult Sci-Fi Hit ‘Cube’ Goes to Cinedigm (Exclusive)

Cinedigm has picked up the U.S. rights to the Japanese sci-fi horror movie Cube, a remake of Vincenzo Natali’s 1997 Canadian cult classic of the same name. Cinedigm will release the remake on its horror streamer Screambox on April 11. Natali directed the original Cube movie, which came out of the Canadian Film Centre’s First Feature […]

‘Talk to Me’ Review: Mingling With the Spirit World Brings Bone-Chilling Shocks in Australian Horror Debut

Twin brothers Danny and Michael Philippou springboard from their popular YouTube channel into features with this tale of possession for the viral-video generation.

Berlin Hidden Gem: Crazy Hair, “Goopy” Blood and Alicia Silverstone in Kitschy Horror ‘Perpetrator’

Masked serial killers, mean-girl cheerleaders and Alicia Silverstone as a spooky aunt with a penchant for blood-filled baked goods: Welcome to the world of Perpetrator, a new gory, kitschy horror thriller from transgressive artist-turned-genre filmmaker Jennifer Reeder. For the follow-up to her 2019’s Knives and Skin, Reeder wanted to return to many of the tropes […]

The Best Horror Movies of 2022

This year has been frightfully good for horror. As the box office recovers, 2022 continued to make it clear that the thing audiences are guaranteed to show up for, outside of Marvel movies, is horror movies. Some of the year’s biggest success stories, hottest new directors, and studio overhauls emerged from the horror business. From […]