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Iron Sky

Court Sides With ‘Iron Sky’ Producers in Copyright Suit

A Finnish court on Thursday ruled in favor of the producers of the “Nazis on the Moon” film 'Iron Sky' in a copyright suit brought by animators and visual effects technicians. The court dismissed the basis of the suit, whereby the animators claimed the producers used their copyright-protected work for sequels to the cult sci-fi feature without first obtaining permission or giving proper compensation.

Andy Garcia, Chinese Star Duan Yihong Join ‘Iron Sky: The Ark’

The third feature in the sci-fi franchise has begun shooting at Wanda Studios in China.

Animators File Copyright Suit Against ‘Iron Sky’ Producers

Animators and visual effects technicians who worked on the first film claim the producers are using their work for upcoming sequels without obtaining proper rights and giving compensation.

China Film Group Joins ‘Iron Sky: The Ark’

The latest in the trashy sci-fi franchise will be a Finland-China co-production and is set to hit theaters in 2018.

Universal Home Video Arm Takes ‘Iron Sky: The Coming Race’ for Germany, U.K. (Exclusive)

Universal's home entertainment division will also handle the crowdfunded sci-fi comedy across Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Cannes: ‘Iron Sky’ Filmmakers Launch Fan-Powered Content Portal

The Finnish company behind the cult Nazis-from-the-moon film issue an open call to fans to submit projects set in the same fictional universe.

AFM: Tom Green Channels Steve Jobs in ‘Iron Sky 2’ Trailer (Exclusive)

The comedian plays a leader of a tech cult in 'Iron Sky: The Coming Race,' the sequel to the 2012 cult sci-fi film.

‘Iron Sky’ Sequel Producers Putting Pressure on Distributors for Global Day-and-Date Release

Tickets are being sold for international premiere events to the follow-up to the Nazis-on-the-moon spoof.

Cannes: ‘Iron Sky 2’ Gets Financial Backing

Two players come aboard to co-finance and handle world sales outside of Scandinavia for the sequel to the cult Nazis-on-the-moon film from 2012.

Crowd-Funded Sequel ‘Iron Sky The Coming Race’ Enters Pre-Production

The Nazis-from-the-moon spoof has so far raised more than $750,000 from online fans in two rounds of funding

Watch Vladimir Putin Character Dance in Teaser for ‘Iron Sky: The Coming Race’

After annexing Ukraine, the Russian president likes to unwind with a little topless dancing