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This Is Us

TV Ratings: ‘This Is Us’ Finale Earns Season Highs

The NBC series finishes its six-season run with the best 18-49 rating for any network drama episode this season.

Dan Fogelman Unpacks the Final Moment of ‘This Is Us’

The creator and writer answers lingering questions after the end of the NBC family drama — including what he calls their 'Sopranos' fade-to-black moment.

Sterling K. Brown on How ‘This Is Us’ Stuck the Landing — and a Randall Spinoff Idea

In the end, the Dan Fogelman family drama is about "this gorgeous butterfly effect" of moments, Brown tells The Hollywood Reporter. "The show is a big old butterfly, just batting its wings."

How ‘This Is Us’ Pulled Off That Flashback to End on a “Simple Day in the Life”

One Pearson family timeline in the finale was filmed years ago. "I always knew that this would be the ending," says creator Dan Fogelman.

This Week in TV: ‘This Is Us’ Series Finale, ‘Angelyne’

A host of network shows also end their seasons in the week of May 18-24.

Mandy Moore on ‘This Is Us’ Goodbye Episode: “What Is More Poetic Than That?”

The actress, who has played Rebecca Pearson through eight decades (and more than 100 hours of makeup), speaks to The Hollywood Reporter about the finality of the penultimate episode's tribute for her "unsung, ordinary heroine."

‘This Is Us’ Star Justin Hartley on Kevin’s Selfless Choice in Final Episodes

"I think I can atone ... by being the man I always wanted to be. The man you always raised. So, job well done, Mom. And now I’ll take care of you," sums up Hartley to The Hollywood Reporter of Kevin's evolution — and redemption.

‘This Is Us’ Star Jon Huertas Calls Miguel-Centered Episode a “Beautiful Sendoff”

"Of course, you want people to like your character right away. But I love the reaction people are having to this episode," the actor tells The Hollywood Reporter of the long-awaited, decades-spanning hour that finally gives audiences the full picture of Rebecca's (Mandy Moore) second love story.

‘This Is Us’ Star on Being Kevin’s Mystery Romance: “It’s Not an End, It’s Really a Beginning”

The actress speaks to The Hollywood Reporter about her and Justin Hartley's long-awaited love story and how a production conflict amid the pandemic nearly complicated her return.

Why ‘This Is Us’ Played With Time to Tell Kate and Toby’s “Goodbye as a Couple”

"You go through these brutally painful chapters, but then other chapters begin," co-showrunner Elizabeth Berger, who co-wrote the "Katoby" divorce episode, tells The Hollywood Reporter of their non-linear approach, while also telling viewers to brace for the series finale.

‘This Is Us’: Chrissy Metz and Chris Sullivan on the Unraveling of Kate and Toby, Finding Hope in Divorce

"People think it’s a failure if you’re not with someone. But it’s really a success that you come out of a relationship better than you were coming into it," says Metz, who spoke to The Hollywood Reporter with Sullivan about "Katoby," the final-season episode exploring their split and co-parenting future.

‘This Is Us’ at 100 Episodes: Epic Plot Twists, a Clash Over the Title and the “Simplicity” of the Ending

Mysteries remain after the milestone "Katoby" hour, but the hit family drama is settling back into its emotional roots as it eyes the end, creator Dan Fogelman and his nostalgic ensemble tell The Hollywood Reporter.