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Under Pressure From Directors, Israeli Film Fund Drops “Loyalty Pledge”

Israel’s largest film fund, the Rabinovitz Foundation’s Israel Cinema Project, has bowed to pressure from the country’s director’s guild to drop a requirement that filmmakers submitting projects for funding agree to what has been termed a “loyalty pledge” that their films does not “harm the good name of the State of Israel.” The clause has […]

Berlin: Director Guy Nattiv on ‘Golda,’ Israeli Politics, Censorship and Casting Helen Mirren as the “Iron Lady of Israel”

The events of so-called Yom Kippur War, or the fourth Arab-Israeli War, are seared in the memory of all those who lived through them. The joint invasion by Arab forces from Egypt and Syria in the dawn hours of Oct. 6, 1973 nearly led to Israel’s complete military defeat. The country’s surprise victory changed the […]

‘Farha’ Filmmakers on Social Media Backlash to Jordan’s Oscar Contender: “It Felt Very Much Like an Organized Thing”

Farha was a classic indie film success story.  Darin J. Sallam’s low-budget drama, set in 1948, in the early days of the Israel-Palestinian conflict, premiered in Toronto last year before touring an A-list of international festivals with sold-out screenings in Rome, Busan, Gothenburg and Lyon. Critics loved the movie, praising the story of the feisty […]