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James Blunt

Paul McCartney, James Blunt Back New European Copyright Law

The European Parliament votes Thursday on the law that would force platforms like Google and Facebook to introduce upload filters to block copyright-protected content from being illegally posted online.

James Blunt: “My Record Label Told Me to Stop Tweeting”

"You're Beautiful" singer has become notorious for his witty and brutal put-downs of Twitter trolls

James Blunt Apologizes for “You’re Beautiful”

English singer says his worldwide hit was "force-fed down people's throats"

James Blunt, Birdy to Perform at German Echo Awards

Local bands Die Fantastischen Vier and Jan Delay will also take the stage for the German equivalent of the Grammys in Berlin on March 27.

Katy Perry: 5 Most Surprising Covers (Video)

From James Blunt to Phish, Katy Perry’s appeal seems to be universal.

James Blunt Infuriates Polish Fans with Facebook Photo

The singer has received more than 5,000 comments on his account after joking about a building near Auschwitz.

Ousted Epic Records President Amanda Ghost Now Working With Florence and the Machine

“She's back doing what she should be doing and what she really excels at,” her pal Boy George tells THR.

James Blunt: ‘Music Is Not About Making Money’

"I'm lucky to have sold a few records," the singer-songwriter tells THR in an interview, where he also discusses sharing songwriting royalties with Bob Marley and performing at JFK.

Elton John and James Blunt Bond at Plan B Show

In THR's parting shot of the week, two British troubadours pose at LA's The Troubadour after rocking out to the UK's latest soul-pop sensation, Plan B.