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James Gandolfini

Michael Gandolfini Had to Pull Back an Overzealous Tony Soprano Performance

Michael Gandolfini felt a lot of pressure to play a version of the ruthless Mafia boss his late father turned into a television legend on The Sopranos. In an interview on CBS Sunday Morning

Michael Gandolfini on Why He Didn’t Think About His Grief While Playing Young Tony in ‘The Many Saints of Newark’

Michael Gandolfini says he had to set aside his grief while playing the titular character in Many Saints of Newark — the role his father James Gandolfini embodied for more than half a decade. In…

James Gandolfini Did Classic ‘Sopranos’ Beatdown Scene in One Take (Hungover), Robert Patrick Says

Robert Patrick made it a point to get under James Gandolfini’s skin right away to ensure his character’s beating in an early, classic Sopranos episode would be intense. The Davey Scatino…

‘Sopranos’ Stars Say James Gandolfini Was Paid a Big Sum to Turn Down ‘The Office’ Role

Sopranos stars Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa say that James Gandolfini was paid millions to not supersede Steve Carell following his departure from NBC’s The Office. Imperioli…

Alec Baldwin Asked to Play Character Who Whacked Tony Soprano

Alec Baldwin — like every other actor in town — wanted a piece of The Sopranos during the run of the iconic HBO mob series, and he even asked the production if he could play a vital…

James Gandolfini Reprised Tony Soprano in Lost Video to Lure LeBron James to the Knicks

The late actor played his iconic character one more time when teams were all clamoring for the NBA superstar in 2010.

James Gandolfini Once Threatened to “Beat the F***” Out of Harvey Weinstein

James Gandolfini once became so fed up with Harvey Weinstein, the late actor was ready to assault the disgraced movie mogul.

James Gandolfini’s Son to Play Young Tony in ‘Sopranos’ Prequel Film

Michael Gandolfini will play the role made famous by his father James Gandolfini in the 'Sopranos' prequel movie 'The Many Saints of Newark.'

How HBO’s ‘The Night Of’ Lives On After James Gandolfini’s Death

John Turturro would go on to take the role originally set for the late actor in the eight-part limited crime and legal drama, due to debut July 10.

John Turturro Holds Out Hope for a ‘Big Lebowski’ Spinoff

"I can tell you I've been bowling," he said. "I've been bowling a lot, and I'm getting better!"

James Gandolfini’s Stolen Watch Is “Undervalued,” Say Watch Experts

Three years after the 'Sopranos' star's death, one of the paramedics who treated him is headed to trial for allegedly stealing the late actor's Rolex Submariner Date timepiece, which has been valued…

HBO Reviving James Gandolfini Passion Project ‘Big Dead Place’

The drama was a passion project of the late actor-producer and is said to be inching toward starting production with the hiring of 'Sopranos' alum Tim Van Patten as director/exec producer.