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Jason Bourne

How ‘The Bourne Supremacy’ Spawned Action Imitators

Fifteen years after Paul Greengrass' hit, shaky cam has become part of the fabric of the genre.

3D ‘Jason Bourne’ Causes Nausea, Protest in China

Universal Pictures created an "exclusive" 3D version of the film for select Asian markets, but many moviegoers say the format makes for a queasy mix with Paul Greengrass' handheld camerawork and frenetic editing style.

Box-Office Analysis: ‘Suicide Squad’ and the Summer of Steep Second-Week Drops

A number of tentpoles have suffered big second-weekend drops, whether because of bad reviews, sequelitis or general moviegoing malaise.

Matt Damon Makes James Corden Play His ‘Jason Bourne’ Stunt Double on ‘Late Late Show’

"If you know there's a crash pad there, then I know there's a crash pad there, and that means the audience knows that you know that I know that you know there's a crash pad there, and it's all just kind of ruined."

‘Jason Bourne,’ ‘Rogue One’ Actor Riz Ahmed Planning U.K. TV Series (Exclusive)

The actor hopes to direct the series about three generations of a British-Pakistani family.

Rapid Round: Riz Ahmed Talks Post-Snowden ‘Jason Bourne,’ Keeping ‘Rogue One’ Secrets

The British star — currently appearing as the lead in HBO's acclaimed 'The Night Of' and starring in two of the biggest films of the year — admits a "ton of bricks" have dropped for him.

‘Jason Bourne’ Co-Screenwriter and Editor Shares Behind-the-Scenes Moments

"I always looked at editing as writing," says Oscar-winning editor Christopher Rouse.

Box Office: ‘Jason Bourne’ Now Targeting $60M; ‘Bad Moms’ Laughing to $26M-Plus

'Bourne' will mark the second-best opening of Matt Damon's career behind 'The Bourne Ultimatum'; elsewhere, Lionsgate's techo-thriller 'Nerve' is also performing nicely since opening midweek.

Matt Damon Invokes Pinocchio in “Box of Lies” With Jimmy Fallon

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Justin Bieber in a bathtub together? That's just one of the bizarre descriptions offered in the latest installment of the 'Tonight Show' game.

Box-Office Preview: ‘Jason Bourne,’ ‘Bad Moms’ Hope to Energize Moviegoers

Also opening nationwide is Lionsgate's younger-skewing thriller, 'Nerve.'

‘Jason Bourne’: Film Review

Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass reteam for the latest installment in the film series about a CIA assassin with extreme memory loss.

‘Jason Bourne’ Secures China Release Date

The release date is further evidence that Chinese regulators are relaxing their prior policy of blocking Hollywood films from the market during the blockbuster summer months.