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Jason Flemyng

‘A Christmas Carol’: TV Review

FX and Steven Knight's adults-only take on the Charles Dickens holiday classic 'A Christmas Carol' plays up the psychological profile of Guy Pearce's Ebenezer Scrooge.

‘Eat Locals’: Film Review | FrightFest 2017

A secret vampire summit meeting turns into a bloodbath in debutant director Jason Flemyng’s spoofy horror comedy 'Eat Locals'.

Russian Hit Movie ‘Viy’ Didn’t Get U.S. Release Due to Co-Producer’s Delays, Lawsuit Claims

Producers of 2014's highest-grossing local film lodged the biggest-ever lawsuit in the Russian film industry.

Stars of Russia’s Highest Grossing Film of 2014 to Take Pay Cut for Sequel

The producer of 'Viy 2' says they'll be paid five to seven time less than originally agreed.

Cannes: Universal Takes ‘Viy 3D’ For Russia (Exclusive)

The studio is planning a wide release across Russia and CIS for the action-fantasy epic starring Jason Flemyng and Charles Dance.

Cannes: Event Film Takes 3D Fantasy Epic ‘Viy’

Jason Flemyng and "Game of Thrones" star Charles Dance lead the FX-heavy feature based on the Nikolai Gogol short story.