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J.C. Spink

Disruption, Consolidation, Uncertainty: Welcome to Hollywood’s Age of Anxiety

Future of Netflix? Consolidation? Layoffs? Amid unprecedented tumult in entertainment (and the world), The Hollywood Reporter talks to execs and underlings struggling to cope in an age of anxiety…

J.C. Spink’s Legacy of Manager Dinners Revived After His Death

"The dinners took a form of f—ing with each other and breaking each other's balls," Brillstein's George Heller tells THR.

J.C. Spink Remembered by Ex-Partner Chris Bender: “Maddening, Complicated, Loving and Generous”

The gregarious producer behind many of the top big-screen comedies in the 2000s — including 'The Hangover' trilogy — died April 18 at age 45.

‘Minions’ Writer Recalls How Late Producer J.C. Spink Pulled a Fast One on E.T. (Guest Column)

The gregarious producer and Hollywood hustler behind many of the top big-screen comedies in the 2000s — including 'The Hangover' trilogy — died last week at age 45.

J.C. Spink, Producer and Master of the Script Sale, Dies at 45 (Updated)

He founded Benderspink with college buddy Chris Bender, and they were behind such films as 'The Hangover,' 'We're the Millers' and 'A History of Violence.'

Salary Fights, Porn Stars, Broken Bones: How ‘Entourage’s’ Bros Got to the Big Screen

Hollywood's what's-real-what's-not TV series gets even more meta in the movie with contract clashes both real and onscreen, studio drama (ditto) and a slew of star cameos as the film's stars reveal…

First-Time Writer Sells Sports Drama ‘In the Crease’ (Exclusive)

Craig Moss, who directed the Danny Trejo-starring 'Bad Ass' flicks, is attached to direct what will be his drama debut

How ‘We’re the Millers’ Producer Became a Bus Driver on ‘The Goldbergs’

J.C. Spink, who actually bullied creator Adam Goldberg back in the day, yells at his young self for bad behavior in the March 11 episode.

‘We’re the Millers’ Producer Benderspink Renews Deal with New Line (Exclusive)

Producers Chris Bender and JC Spink will celebrate 15 years in Hollywood as continue work on 'Horrible Bosses 2' and other projects.

Why an Upcoming ‘Goldbergs’ Episode Features a Bully Named Spink

ABC's 1980s-set comedy draws from creator Adam Goldberg's tween run-in with fellow Pennsylvania native and "We're the Millers" producer--J.C. Spink.