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Jean-Jacques Annaud

‘Atlantic City’ Producer Denis Heroux Dies at 75

The Quebec filmmaker also produced the 'Mask' cartoon series and 'Quest for Fire.'

China Confirms ‘Wolf Totem’ as Oscar Submission Amid Controversy

A source close to China's Film Bureau says director Jia Zhangke failed in his attempt to get his art house drama 'Mountains May Depart' nominated in place of the period epic from French auteur Jean-Jacques Annaud.

China to Submit Jean-Jacques Annaud’s ‘Wolf Totem’ For Oscar Consideration (Exclusive)

The film, about the wolves that roam the steppes of Mongolia, will be released stateside Sept. 11.

‘Far Away Xilingol’: Shanghai Review

The romance-adventure offers a nostalgic look back at the Cultural Revolution.

Munich Fest Unveils Lineup, Including ‘Dope’ and ‘Tale of Tales’

Actor Rupert Everett and director Jean-Jacques Annaud will receive lifetime achievement awards in Munich this year.

Hong Kong Filmart: China Film Group Files Lawsuit Over ‘Wolf Totem’ Streaming

The state colossus is suing web firms Youku Tudou, Baidu and Sina Weibo for copyright theft.

‘Wolf Totem’ (‘Lang Tu Teng’/’Le Dernier Loup’): Film Review

French director Jean-Jacques Annaud adapts the Chinese bestseller about a Beijing youngster who adopts a wolf cub in Inner Mongolia during the Cultural Revolution

Oscars: China Selects ‘The Nightingale’ for Foreign-Language Category (Exclusive)

Philippe Muyl's movie is a Chinese-French co-production and a surprise choice to vie for a spot on the shortlist of nominees

Chinese Actress Gong Li to Chair Jury at Shanghai Film Festival

The "Raise The Red Lantern" star will help determine the winner of the Golden Goblet Award next month.

Alibaba’s Film Crowdfunding Service Swarmed by Chinese Investors, Sells Out in Five Days

The vehicle, which allows ordinary Chinese citizens to make microinvestments in hotly anticipated upcoming movies, met its $11.77 million target in less than a week -- and could have raised tens of millions more.

Cannes: French Co-Production ‘Wolf Totem’ Casts Chinese Stars in Lead Roles

Feng Shaofeng and Shawn Dou Xiao board Jean-Jacques Annaud’s adaptation of the award-winning Cultural Revolution novel.

Luc Besson, Keanu Reeves: Humanity Key to Chinese Co-Productions

Filmmakers on a Beijing Film Market panel say projects should be authentic and based on premises to which audiences can relate.