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Jennifer Carpenter

Seeking Justice: Film Review

January Jones, Guy Pearce and Jennifer Carpenter co-star with Nicolas Cage in director Roger Donaldson's thriller for Anchor Bay about a man who finds himself in the middle of a dangerous vigilante operation.

‘Dexter’ Showrunner on the Finale, the ‘Ew’ Moment and What’s Ahead (Q&A)

Scott Buck tells THR how Showtime topper David Nevis influenced the trajectory of the season, why the romantic element was added and how Desmond Harrington's Quinn will play a role next season.

‘Dexter’ Finale: Did You See Those Shockers Coming? (Video)

Showrunner Scott Buck weighs on on the two epic reveals from the religion-themed season.

‘Dexter’s’ Jennifer Carpenter: Deb is ‘Honoring What’s True for Her’

From her character’s early days as a Vice cop to Sunday's marriage proposal and promotion, Carpenter tells THR her character is "always getting closer" to finding out Dexter's secret.

‘Dexter’ Season 6 Preview: Religion, Love and the Future

Executive producer Sara Colleton tells THR about the decision to explore Dexter's spiritual beliefs as well as how long the Emmy-nominated drama can run.

THEATER REVIEW: Rajiv Joseph’s Unique Voice Shines Through in ‘Gruesome Playground Injuries’

Rajiv Joseph uses the nasty wounds and upset stomachs of children to etch the unbreakable pattern of a morbid long-term friendship.

‘Dexter’ Stars Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter File for Divorce

The actors, who met while filming Showtime's drama series, have been married for two years.

‘Dexter’ Producer Spills Insight on Sunday’s Finale (Relatively Spoiler Free)

THR caught up with executive producer Sara Colleton to get the dirt on what's ahead in Sunday's big finale — and if Dex will play god at Debra's (Jennifer Carpenter) expense.