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Jeri Ryan

‘Picard’ Star Jeri Ryan Reveals Devastating Insight About That Consequential Seven of Nine Moment

[Warning: this story contains spoilers for the Star Trek: Picard season two penultimate episode “Hide and Seek.”]  Star Trek: Picard means more to Jeri Ryan than she ever felt was possible. It has been nearly 25 years since the actress’ iconic Borg character, Seven of Nine, made her first appearance on Star Trek: Voyager. And […]

‘Picard’ Director Lea Thompson Proudly Put Her Unique Spin on Time Travel in ‘Star Trek’ Universe

[This story contains spoilers for episode three of Star Trek: Picard.] Lea Thompson knows a thing or two about cinematic time travel. So, when the opportunity arose for the Back to the Future star to direct two episodes of the current Star Trek: Picard season revolving around the classic sci-fi trope, she knew it was […]

Why ‘Star Trek’ Star Jeri Ryan Had a Tough Time Returning for ‘Picard’

After four episodes of Star Trek: Picard, Seven of Nine is finally back.

DreamWorks’ Anne Globe Honored at Big Brothers Big Sisters Benefit

Jeffrey Katzenberg presented the Excellence in Mentoring Award to Globe at the organization's annual spring luncheon.

‘Body of Proof’ the Musical: It’s Just Like ‘Glee’ – Only It’s Set in a Morgue (Video)

It's everything you love about the ABC procedural drama set to "The Little Mermaid" song, "Part Of Your World."