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Jerry Seinfeld

Book About Late Actor and Notorious Bad Guy Lawrence Tierney Set from Writer-Producer Burt Kearns

The life and wild times of the late Lawrence Tierney will soon be put on the page. Author, journalist and documentary producer Burt Kearns confirms to The Hollywood Reporter that he is…

Larry King Once (Hilariously) Irked Jerry Seinfeld With Sitcom Question

The renowned radio personality and CNN journalist…

Jerry Seinfeld Challenges Jimmy Fallon to Update His Seinfeld Impersonation

While joining Jimm Fallon for The Tonight Show's Thanksgiving episode, Jerry Seinfeld jokingly called out Fallon for failing to have an updated impression of him.

Jerry Seinfeld Says Pandemic is “Like the Whole Planet Getting Detention”

Jerry Seinfeld appeared virtually on The Late Show on Tuesday night to discuss his new memoir and share an experience he's had since venturing out of quarantine. 

Jerry Seinfeld Explains His Compulsion to Defend New York City to Naysayers

Jerry Seinfeld is glad he wrote a harsh rebuke to a comedy club owner who said NYC was "dead" due to the pandemic. 

Jerry Seinfeld Pens Scathing Rebuke to Idea NYC is “Dead” Due to Pandemic

Jerry Seinfeld has offered a scathing rebuke to a recent piece penned by James Altucher, who argued New York City was "dead" due to the novel coronavirus. 

Jerry Seinfeld Realizes Only Other Comic Who Could Have Portrayed Kramer

Jerry Seinfeld told Howard Stern there is a good chance his new Netflix special '23 Hours to Kill' may be his swan song.

Ben Stiller Explains How ‘Seinfeld’ Invigorated His Late Father’s Slowing Career

Ben Stiller credits the role of Frank Costanza on Seinfeld as the shot in the arm his late father's career needed.

Jerry Seinfeld Says He Never Gave Jerry Stiller a Note on ‘Seinfeld’: “Whatever He Did, That’s It”

Jerry Seinfeld says he never gave the late Jerry Stiller a single note during his tenure on 'Seinfeld' because his method for the character of Frank Costanza was perfect.

Jerry Seinfeld Jumped Out of a Helicopter (Really!) in What May Be His Last Comedy Special

In his new Netflix special '23 Hours to Kill,' Jerry Seinfeld revisits familiar territory in picking apart everyday annoyances, but with an unexpected flare — arriving at New York's Beacon Theater…

Jerry Seinfeld Jokes That His Life “Sucks” in ’23 Hours to Kill’ Trailer

'23 Hours to Kill' is the second stand-up special comedian Jerry Seinfeld has done for Netflix in a two-part deal.

Netflix’s New Releases Coming in May

Take a look at the movies and TV shows that will be added to Netflix in May 2020.