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Jerry Stiller

Estelle Harris, the Nagging Mrs. Costanza on ‘Seinfeld,’ Dies at 93

The late-blooming actress with the iconic, high-pitched voice also played Mrs. Potato Head in the 'Toy Story' films.

Jerry Stiller Once Fired Back at a Critic Who Trashed His Son’s Film

Jerry Stiller once fired back at a New York Times critic for trashing his son's film, Ben Stiller recalls.

Ben Stiller Shares Memories of “Supportive” Dad Jerry on ‘Tonight Show’

Ben Stiller reflected on his dad, Jerry Stiller, by sharing hilarious and sweet anecdotes, like when he chased down his stolen bike or when Ben called him high on LSD.

Ben Stiller Explains How ‘Seinfeld’ Invigorated His Late Father’s Slowing Career

Ben Stiller credits the role of Frank Costanza on Seinfeld as the shot in the arm his late father's career needed.

Jerry Seinfeld Says He Never Gave Jerry Stiller a Note on ‘Seinfeld’: “Whatever He Did, That’s It”

Jerry Seinfeld says he never gave the late Jerry Stiller a single note during his tenure on 'Seinfeld' because his method for the character of Frank Costanza was perfect.

Jason Alexander, Jerry Seinfeld and More Stars Pay Tribute to Jerry Stiller

Hollywood celebs are mourning the death of Jerry Stiller. The actor and comedian — best known for his work on such hit shows as 'Seinfeld' and 'King of Queens' — died Monday from natural causes at the age of 92.

Jerry Stiller Initially Passed on ‘Seinfeld’

When 'Seinfeld' producers came to Jerry Stiller to play the father of George Costanza, the legendary actor said had never heard of the show and passed. The producers were shocked.

Jerry Stiller, Funnyman of ‘Seinfeld’ and Stiller and Meara Fame, Dies at 92

Jerry Stiller, the shorter half of the famed husband-and-wife comedy team Stiller and Meara who was the father of the famous (Ben Stiller) and the fictitious ('Seinfeld' nebbish George Costanza), has died at the age of 92.

‘Planes: Fire & Rescue’: Film Review

Dane Cook, Ed Harris and Julie Bowen lead the voice cast for Disney's latest animated feature.